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Rubber and plastics machines belonging to the growth sectors in the machinery industry

Production above pre-crisis level, export markets tuned on dynamic growth expectations noticeably higher than those in the entire machinery industry - the sector of the rubber and plastics machines is belonging to the growth sectors in the machinery

(PresseBox) (Bochum, Deutschland, ) The machine-builders of rubber and plastics machines are expecting that their production will grow annually by 6.3% until 2016. This value is more than twice higher than on the average of the machine-builders expecting an annual increase of 2.7%.

This result showed a survey about the use of servo drives at the machines until 2016 in the German machinery industry carried out by Quest TechnoMarketing at the beginning of this year. The result of this part of the survey is recently published together with a related sector analysis in the Quest Trend Magazine.

An annual growth of 6.3% until 2016 means that the production of rubber and plastics machines will grow altogether by 28%.

These above average growth expectations are generated for good reasons.

The production of rubber and plastics machines exceeded with 123.3 index points in 2012 their pre-crisis level (114.2 in 2008). The machinery industry, however, did not succeed in doing so as the article in the Quest Trend Magazine documents applying to the data of the Federal Statistical Office.

The export markets of the sector rubber and plastics machines are more strongly tuned on growth than that of the machinery industry altogether. As the article indicates, using the foreign trade statistics of the Federal Statistical Office, the sector exports noticeably more to the growing BRIC countries with an export quota of 26% than the average of the machinery industry with 19%. And on top of that the export quota to the still growing China is with 15% clear above the average of 10%.

Finally the sector knows how to benefit better from the dynamic MIST countries (Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea and Turkey) with an export quota of 11% than the machinery industry altogether with 6%.

Rubber and plastics machines as growth sectors in the machinery industry – that also retroacts of course to the use of the automation technology at the machines. What does this mean for this sector and for the entire machinery industry regarding the use of the electronic drive technology with focus on servo-drives highlights the new the Quest study „The future of the servo use until 2016 in the German machinery industry“. For this purpose 28% of the machine-builders in 10 sectors with 100 and more employees were interviewed.

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