Rising world market shares of the 10 largest automakers

From 2011 to 2012 the worldwide motor vehicle production rose by 5.2%. That was connected with a noticeable change of the world market shares among the 10 largest automakers. Three changes are crucial.

Bochum, Deutschland, (PresseBox) - Quest TechnoMarketing has investigated the internationalization of the worldwide automobile production since 2000 and published some results in the Quest Trend Magazine.

Now this long-term trend analysis has been amended by the actual changes from 2011 to 2012 regarding the world market shares of the leading automobile manufacturers. The survey is based on the data of the OICA (Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d‘ Automobiles, Paris), which has recently been published.

The 10 largest automakers could expand their world market share from 66.9% to 70% within a year. That means a significant above average growth in the expanding market of automobile production.

The second crucial change is an increase of the world market shares of the three largest manufacturers Toyota, GM and VOLKSWAGEN with market shares each of 10% and more. These three manufacturers could enlarge their world market share altogether from 31.7% (2011) to 34% (2012).

The group of the three manufacturers Hyundai, Ford and Nissan, each of them with market shares between 5% and fewer than 10% of the world market, grew slightly above average and could raise its world market share from 20.2% to 21%.

The group of the four manufacturers Honda, PSA, Suzuki and Renault, each of them with market shares of below 5% of the world market, kept their total market share stable at 15%. These manufacturers expanded their production in step with the market growth.

So the growth of the worldwide motor vehicle production from 2011 to 2012 favored both the worldwide largest manufacturers and among them the three largest ones to a considerable degree.

Finally Toyota stepped forward from rank 3 in 2011 to the world market leader position regarding automobile production. VOLKSWAGEN dropped back to rank 3 behind GM.

The group of the three manufacturers with world market shares from 5% to fewer than 10% covers rank four up to six being unchanged.

In the group of the four manufacturers with market shares fewer than 5% each the ranking changed for each of them. Renault slipped from rank 9 to rank 10.

Further contributions to the survey of Quest TechnoMarketing show how the market shares of the largest countries regarding the worldwide motor vehicle production are changing. Even the changes in China regarding the market shares of the worldwide motor vehicle production and the largest manufacturers in China are published in the Quest Trend Magazine in German and English language.

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Quest Trend Magazine

Quest Trend Magazine publishes trends in automation from the users's point of view mainly in machinery industry, automotive and F&B industry. The economic backdrop of these trends are highlighted as well.

The trends are based on market surveys by Quest TechnoMarketing, Bochum, London, specialized in market surveys and marketing for the automation technology for more than 20 years and the publisher of the Quest Trend Magazine in English and German language.

The economic backdrop is analyzed by Quest Research, a department of Quest TechnoMarketing.

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