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Latest Feedback of the German Machinery Industry on Industry 4.0 - New Report in the Quest Trend Magazine

Along the market survey from Quest TechnoMarketing about the engineering of the machine automation until 2017 the machine-builders also assessed “what Industry 4.0 is supposed to mean for the engineering of the machine until 2017”.

(PresseBox) (Bochum, ) 80% of the investigated machine-builders in the ten sectors of the German machinery industry provided their feedback to this question. The following numbers refer to these machine-builders.

The open question without further specifications invited to a likewise open feedback:
  • A good third of the machine-builders (35%) consider Industry 4.0 to be relevant for the engineering of their machines. This feedback is subdivided into two levels.
  • 16% of the machine-builders do not relate Industry 4.0 to the engineering but express their understanding of this concept. All these statements evaluate Industry 4.0 positively.
  • For further 16% of the machine-builders Industry 4.0 does not provide any relevance for the engineering of their machines.
  • A third of the machine-builders has still no opinion on Industry 4.0, among them also statements with Industry 4.0 being still unknown.
From these results a current slight positive approach to Industry 4.0 may be derived.

The report publishes 30 statements of the machine-builders reflecting the complete range of the evaluation regarding Industry 4.0. These statements refer to individual and comprehensive technological aspects of the networking; the situation at the end-users and their approach to Industry 4.0 are also brought up as well as hindrances on the path to Industry 4.0 up to justified rejections of this concept.

The link to the new report is

The feedback is part of the market survey from Quest TechnoMarketing “The Engineering of the Machine Automation Until 2017 in the German Machinery Industry” accomplished this September. It is based on interviews with 23% of the machine-builders in the ten automation-relevant sectors with 100 and more employees. Highlight, table of contents and budget of this survey on

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