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Automobile production in Germany remains caught in the sideways range - October report in the Quest Trend Magazine

The July report suggested automobile production in Germany at the crossroad as it had achieved the top of the sideways range in July. In August, however, production plunged. So the crossroad is pointing to an ongoing sideways range.

(PresseBox) (Bochum, ) The automobile production in Germany, also containing the exports to other countries, already overcame the economic crisis of 2008/2009 by exceeding the pre-crisis level (124.9) with 130.8 index points in March 2011.

Since then, however, production has not been succeeding in growing lastingly beyond this pre-crisis level. In fact, automobile production in Germany has been running constantly up and down. It formed, as the report shows, based on the data of the Federal Statistical Office, a large sideways range since 2011.

In the last three and a half years automobile production in Germany achieved the upper limit of this sideways range five times, at last in July 2014.

Also in July no growth emerged from this situation, on the contrary, automobile production plunged to 78.4 index points (data from the Federal Statistical Office). This value marks the lower limit of the sideways range that had been formed with 81.8 index points in December 2012.

The crossroad is determined: For the foreseeable future automobile production in Germany remains caught in the sideways range that has been developing since 2011. That also fits with the picture of a sluggish worldwide industrial production.

The report refers to the limitation that production in Germany reflects the situation of the sector only incompletely as production of automobiles is internationalized at highest extent. Further reports in the Quest Trend Magazine have analyzed this development for the world-wide largest car manufacturers and the most important automobile countries.

The link to the October report in the Quest Trend Magazine is

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