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The New TransMix Generation

Mobile screed factory pushes the boundaries and sets new standards

(PresseBox) (Oberndorf, ) The company Josef Vitzthum has specialised in floor construction, ballasting, insulation and screed for more than 20 years and has developed an excellent reputation that stretches far beyond the foothills of Salzburg. Josef Vitzthum has added another TransMix from the new Evolution series to its range of machinery to innovative expand the scope of its business activities.

In existence for more than 20 years, TransMix is both a brand of Putzmeister and a screed factory on wheels that incorporates established Brinkmann technology. Boasting a fully automatic transport, mixing and delivery system, the vehicle offers flexible solutions for almost every site application. Josef Vitzthum has had many positive experiences with his first TransMix over the last few years. It was therefore without question that the boss of the Austrian specialist screed company would add a second TransMix mobile screed factory to the company fleet.

The TransMix opens up new opportunities and keeps feet warm

Every TransMix is a unique machine that can be assembled entirely according to the preferences and requirements of the customer. The TransMix 3200 for self-levelling floor screed (with an auger pump) and the TransMix 5500 for conventional screed (with compressed-air conveyor) are the basic models in the Evolution series from Putzmeister. In the case of Vitzthum, the new TransMix vehicle will be used for manufacturing self-levelling floor screed with a calcium sulphate base as well as producing impact sound and thermal insulation. With regards to insulation, the Austrians are cooperation partners of the company Riba from Karlsruhe and prefer to use RiBa-plan® levelling compound, a highly elastic, lightweight multifunctional material that combines the properties of thermal and sound insulation with a high load-bearing capacity. On the construction site, it is as easy to place as self-levelling floor screed and there is no need for personnel to spend time laboriously cutting polystyrene sheets to size on site. There are no joins and all supply and disposal pipes are completely encased. There are many advantages of RiBa-plan®, but because anhydrite and cement are not compatible and Josef Vitzthum wanted to transport both versions to the same construction site on a single vehicle, the best solution turned out to be the TransMix Evolution.

Configuration to suit your requirements - the major advantage of the TransMix

Whether a semi-trailer or a compact 4-axis chassis, the central component on the TransMix is the section containing the aggregate and binder chambers together with the accompanying conveying and mixing equipment. In line with his individual requirements, Putzmeister partner Vitzthum requested that the binder chamber be divided into two chambers that can be activated independently of one another. The different recipes are stored in the control so that only the required material has to be retrieved in the display. Depending on requirements, the operator can manufacture screed with a cement or calcium sulphate base on a single machine.

Construction expert Josef Vitzthum waxes lyrical

Josef Vitzthum has been using his customised TransMix 3200 semitrailer since July 2014, which has aroused intrigue among many of his colleagues in the construction industry. In the meantime, an increasing number of colleagues have paid him a visit in Oberndorf to discover the advantages of the TransMix in practice and consider whether they should make an investment in their own machine. The efficiency of the TransMix Evolution drew the attention of many prospective customers in June 2014 at the "EstrichParkettFliese" specialist exhibition in Feuchtwangen. Over an exhibition space of more than 800 m2, the Putzmeister group presented the TransMix 3200 Evolution, new advanced safety equipment and a control that significantly improves operating comfort. The "fully automatic" screed factory on wheels reduces set-up times and personnel requirements considerably, while a precision metering system guarantees maximum quality and material delivery costs are reduced due to the greater purchase quantities. As a result, residual material quantities and packaging waste are virtually non-existent and do not therefore require disposal.

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