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Machine alignment with cardan shaft in place

(PresseBox) (Ismaning, ) Premature wear of cardan shaft joints is one of the most common causes of machine downtimes. But cardan shaft misalignment is no longer a fatality. With patented brackets and new measurement methods, PRÜFTECHNIK reinvents cardan shaft alignment. Forget cardan shaft removal and the associated costs and risks: crane hire, safety hazards, machine damage and intensive manpower are issues of the past.

Using the specially designed bracket with a rotating arm, cardan shaft alignment is now a matter of minutes. Attach the pre-mounted brackets on the shafts using the supplied chains, enter dimensions, rotate shafts to the next measurement position and take the readings.

Since the sensor is mounted on a rotating arm, it can be turned back as the shafts are rotated. The sensor is then moved along the posts to intersect the laser beam. This procedure is repeated for several shaft positions to capture the necessary readings. The alignment condition is accurately measured only after as little as a 60° shaft rotation and the angular cardan misalignment can be corrected by moving the machine according to the displayed feet correction values. Depending on the application at hand, the whole alignment job can be completed within less than half an hour.

With the accuracy of all PRÜFTECHNIK alignment equipment, you can count on your machinery to run under optimal conditions, so you can reap the benefits of maximized machine reliability.

Cardan shafts are common types of couplings in many industries such as steel, pulp and paper, cement, mining, etc. PRÜFTECHNIK is your independent solution provider for industrial maintenance with expertise in all industrial sectors. The cardan shaft application is available with the ROTALIGN Ultra iS alignment platform as of firmware 3.03.

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