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The ProtectStar Foundation and Kaspersky Lab announce the successful completion of the first project phase at the European Media and Event Academy

(PresseBox) (Bradenton, FL, USA, ) The non-profit ProtectStar Foundation and Kaspersky Lab have announced the successful completion of the first phase of the project for the renewal of the IT security of the Event Academy in Baden-Baden, Germany.

In November 2006, all the participants defined the goals of the joint project, which will replace and renew the existing IT infrastructure of the non-profit Event Academy in a number of steps. With Kaspersky Lab, we were able to obtain the support of one of the world's leading producers of virus protection software.

Kaspersky Lab made the “Kaspersky Enterprise Space Security“ company solution available. In addition to the computers of the campus administration, the computers in the classrooms of the Event Academy were also protected from possible attacks from the World Wide Web.

Sven Pries, headmaster of the Event Academy, places great importance on this measure in particular: “We are very satisfied with the employment of the ProtectStar / Kaspersky joint venture. In both companies, we have strong partners who always support us with advice and action. As a provider of training courses and seminars in the Event sector, it's above all the simple operation and good support that are important to us, in addition to the up-to-date status of the protection software. This has all run exceptionally well.”

In the next project phases, the non-profit ProtectStar Foundation is supporting the renewal and expansion of the existing WLAN network on the campus, as well as the replacement of the centralised server and firewall systems.

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