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"The training software should be considered standard equipment for any pilot"

ProPilots expands its training product for helicopter pilots - Preparation for the Safety Test - Greater safety, fewer costs

(PresseBox) (Bonn, ) Am I prepared enough to handle an emergency situation? How familiar am I with the system on board my helicopter? Flight safety is priority number one for pilots and this means being prepared for the unexpected. That is why flight schools and private pilots are using the innovative training software from ProPilots, which has now expanded its program to include a separate Safety Test module. The individual training solution comprises tests from renowned aviation companies often used for training and regular testing.

The ProPilots training software, which has been on the market since October 2013, has attracted the attention of experts in the field. One of them, Alexander Neumann, Manager Flight Operations and Chief Flight Instructor at Heli Aviation GmbH, is pleased to have the support of ProPilots. "Regardless of how many hours they've logged in the air, pilots must constantly train for emergency situations, even when time is in short supply," says Neumann. The web-based training software gives pilots the option of training whenever and wherever they want. Sections can also be reviewed as often as necessary. "Our prestigious, state-of-the-art company now has a state-of-the-art training software," he says.

Solid instruction and continued training are essential for pilots, and this is why ProPilots GmbH developed the software featuring 3D animated films, graphics and texts-based materials as well as review questions. The software gives pilots the chance to practice reacting to a complete range of real-world emergency situations, similar to a flight simulator. The Internet-based training program gives users full flexibility when it comes to managing their training plan − the pilot decides when and where to train. The software includes a total of four training modules and 5.5 hours of video material.

In addition, private and professional pilots can now access the Safety Test, a webbased catalogue of test questions that includes 3D images as well as video animations depicting emergency situations. The test prompts users to decide on the correct response i.e. maneuver given the situation presented. The tests are scored immediately and results sent to the user by email. The goal of the training is to improve confidence and decision-making ability so that pilots can react quickly and safely in the event of an emergency.

As with all ProPilots training materials, the questions focus on practical know-how. ProPilots Founder and Managing Director Alexander Steffen describes the benefits of ProPilots' hands-on approach: "Our software is by pilots for pilots. Purely theoretical knowledge will often remain just that - theory - and there is hardly any literature available, so pilots might get into that critical situation and then not have the confidence or capability to make the right decision. This is why we make sure to combine theory with illustrative material and realistic simulations." Steffen himself has over 25 years of experience, including 8,000 helicopter flying hours. He is a flight instructor and professional trainer in operational procedure as well as emergency procedure.

Numerous pilots have already come to rely on ProPilots. "I didn't hesitate for a minute to buy this training software," said private pilot Albert Schedl (Bonn, Germany). "This is a tremendously innovative way to support pilots in their continuous learning, development and flight preparation. The 3D films are absolutely unique and make a valuable contribution to greater flight safety." Customer Stefan Wurzer (Munich, Germany) adds: "The ProPilots training software is unique and should be considered standard equipment for any pilot."

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A demo version of the training software is also available on the website for private pilots, companies and government agencies.

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