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Safely and effectively disinfect with the new chlorine dioxide system

(PresseBox) (Heidelberg, ) ProMaqua will be launching its new chlorine dioxide system Bello Zon® CDLb at the forthcoming Brau Beviale exhibition. The innovative system concept will ensure the safe and efficient generation and metering of chlorine dioxide, resulting in outstanding long-term stability of the solution, exceptional efficiency in the reaction without any ClO2 loss from the gas phase and step by step controlled process. It guarantees outstanding operational safety.

The chlorine dioxide system CDLb uses the chlorite/acid process to generate a chlorine-free chlorine dioxide solution by reacting sodium chlorite solution with hydrochloric acid. The innovative reactor design and the step by step controlled process make the production of chlorine dioxide exceptionally safe and reliable.

Safety and long-term stability
The system is equipped with a storage module for the intermediate storage of a chlorine dioxide solution with a concentration of 1,000 rsp. 2,000 ppm of CIO2, generating a total of up to 120 g of CIO2 per hour and there is also no need to treat leaking ClO2. The size of the system has been reduced to compact dimensions, although an intermediate storage chamber has been integrated. Putting 60 g of chlorine dioxide into intermediate storage means that the system no longer has to be configured to its peak load but simply to the average consumption.The ProMinent product range offers a wide range of metering pumps and control versions to choose from. So it´s possible to supply several points of injection with chlorine dioxide from a storage module. The innovative process produces a chlorine dioxide solution of exceptional long-term stability and achieves a high output of over 90% from the chlorine dioxide generation. No chlorine dioxide can escape from the system due to the closed gas system. Thereby economical, environmentally-friendly operation with minimal use of chemicals due to a high output of over 90% from the chlorine dioxide generation is provided. The modular construction of the system is designed to serve a range of different applications.

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ProMinent GmbH

ProMinent Group is a manufacturer of components and systems in the field of fluid handling and also a reliable partner for water treatment. Based on our innovative products, services and industry-specific solutions we provide more efficiency and safety for our customers – worldwide.
ProMinent develops, produces and markets components and complete systems for storage, transfer, metering and neutralization of liquid chemicals. Products are chemical storage tanks, chemical transfer pumps, metering pumps, instrumentation for monitoring, measurement and control, complete metering systems and polymer preparation systems.

About ProMaqua GmbH
To meet the special requirements of specific customer groups, a new subsidiary named ProMaqua was set up in 2006. As an independent technology provider for water treatment and disinfection, ProMaqua is focused on the following sectors and applications: Food and beverage industry, drinking water supply, swimming pool and wellness industry, hotels as well as cooling water disinfection and combating legionella. The company offers complete system solutions making use of all current methods to treat water.
So call Smart Disinfection (low impact – less cost – high efficiency) ProMaqua offers environmentally friendly, economical water disinfection with maximum efficiency. One stop provision - from the initial consultation through to commissioning.
The range of products and services includes chlorine dioxide systems, electrolysis systems, UV systems, ozone systems and membrane filtration systems as well as measurement, control and dosing technology.