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The world´s first embedded PLC module for STEP7 from Siemens

(PresseBox) (Herzogenaurach, ) Powerful, tiny and easy-to-use these are the attributes of profichip s SODIMM-PLC module. Equipped with a rich set of direct IO and communication features, programmable in Step7 from Siemens and up to 1 MB of PLC user memory this module is the ideal extension to various types of applications where fast, deterministic and reliable hardware PLC control in a small form factor is required.

Board Controllers, HMIs and a broad range of machinery can benefit from new control capabilities and direct IO- and communication functions. Supporting a very popular programming language, a well-known tool chain and extensive maintenance features will further increase the market acceptance and success of the final product.

I/O Functions

The SODIMM-PLC module is build around profichip s PLC 7001 chip. Based on the core of the PLC 7000 which has been in use for almost four years in over 10000 applications worldwide the PLC 7001 offers extended IO features with up to 32 digital inputs and 24 digital outputs directly on-chip. The IO interface is configurable to provide high level user functions like numerous hardware counter modes.

16 digital inputs can be employed with on-chip alarm functionality which results in low latency and fast response times upon critical system conditions and provides the capability to capture time critical events very accurately. The build-in Real-Time-Clock which can be buffered by an external battery allows precise timestamping (1µsec) and clock synchronized control tasks. SSI interface for rotary encoders, 4-channel Pulse-Width-Modulation and Stepper-Motor-Control are to be supported in future firmware updates. If more than 56 digital I/O bits or analog functions are needed aserial I/O bus is provided which can be operated with up to 32 peripheral modules compatible with System 200V/300V from VIPA or other vendors.

User Data Interface

For maximum flexibility and convenient adaption the SODIMM-PLC module is equipped with a 16 bit SRAM interface to an external FPGA or Dual-Port-RAM with up to 1024 bytes address space mapped into the PLC I/O area. This interface can be used to easily share data of external communication interfaces like PROFIBUS- or CAN-Master with the integrated PLC memory as well.

Communication Interfaces

Currently there are three serial interfaces and one Ethernet port available on the SODIMM-PLC module. The serial interfaces are dedicated to MPI communication, PROFIBUS-DP Slave interface (both supporting transmission rates up to 12 MBit/s) and a serial standard interface (e.g. for establishing a Point-To-Point (PtP)communication). The Ethernet port is restricted to PU/OP functionality like hardware configuration, PLC program download and online functions. Alternatively the MPI interface can be used for system setup, program update, debugging and online functions.

profichip GmbH

The Team of profichip GmbH is developing fieldbus ASICs since 1998. Besides the ASICs for PLC-systems´ industrial communication, the initial PROFIBUS Slave Controller VPC3+ was the first release in 1999. After the successful launch, profichip extended the range of compatible PROFIBUS Slave ASICs by the Lean Slave VPCLS in 2000. Since then, profichip continuously improves available PROFIBUS features in their ASICs. Proof for the innovative power of profichip was the realisation of SPEED7 – the High Performance PLC in silicon. Programmable in STEP7® language, SPEED7 marks a substantial progress in the evolution of PLC.

Profichip philosophy exceeds the ordinary developing and sales of ASICs by translation of customers´ ideas into solutions for their requirements. Profichip creates the missing link. The result is automation in silicon for customers throughout the world.

* STEP is a registerated trademark of Siemens AG