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Premo Inductive Components throws(launches) new series high energy storage chokes for solar investors

(PresseBox) (Barcelona, ) PREMO Inductive Components presents a new product Standard, the M80 series, high energy storage chokes, developed for applications DC and AC in renewable energy investors (solar, wind …), UPS and weld.

M80 Series is innovative in format E Sendust's utilization instead of ferrita and platen for copper screen, this way join the best Sendust magnetic and the best thermal, mechanical and isolation characteristic conductor, they have a highest efficiency choke (> 99.5 %) with limited dimensions.

These series is the first of PREMO Inductive Components Multi-E products range, designed with a frizziness of 10 per cent and working to 50KHz frequencies, high places offer us inductance values (up to 5 mH) and current (up to 66 A), that make it ideal for high efficiency investors with powers up to 10KW.

Its principal advantages are the following:

- Not present aging problems as the iron powder and is resistant to thermal shocks, because granulated magnetic are pressed by an insulating not organic material, causing a distributed gap in the whole core that not need any type of coating, so it is possible to work continued form to high levels temperature, up to 200ºC, only limited by the platen thermal class, not for magnetic core restrictions. M80 Series behavior with the temperature presents a decay lower than 6 % to 200ºC.

- Minors nucleus losses in compare with iron powder, and with Fe-Si sheets when increase the frequency. In the inductances, the the current AC effect provokes losses in the core which cause a inductance warming, this effect is mitigated in M80 Series, causing colder inductances.

- Behavior in carga DC seems to the iron powder.

- Not present magneto-restrictive effects, eliminating hereby the noise associated with ferritas, powder of iron and sheets of Faith - if in applications inside the audible range 20 Hz-20KHz.

- His(Her,Your) high level of saturation (Bsat=1T) offers us a capacity of storage of major energy that the ferritas, originating designs mas compact (35 % of reduction of size with regard to ferritas, for a point of work with a fall of the permeability of 50 % with regard to the initial).

- Presents a soft saturation (opposite to an abrupt saturation for the case of ferritas or blocks of laminated of Faith - if with gap) due to the characteristic of the gap distributed in the material. For such applications as(like) swinging inductances, it(he,she) improves the efficiency, allowing this way a major range of frequencies. The series M80 offers us a better tolerance to the failure owed to overcharges of current on having had a curve of soft saturation with the current, mitigating the effects of the overcharge.