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pmd and SensibleVision Launch the Future of 3D Face Authentication

New field-proven approach gives mobile device makers innovations in depth cameras and software to keep pace with Apple's FaceID

(PresseBox) (Siegen, Germany / CapeCoral, Florida/USA, ) SensibleVision, a global provider of simultaneous multi-factor authentication solutions for mobile devices, and pmdtechnologies, the worldwide leading 3D Time-of-Flight depth sensing technology provider, today announced a technology partnership to create a modern, mobile 3D facial recognition platform.

Numerous sources have reported that Apple's next generation handset - due to be released this fall - will include a camera and the necessary software to provide 3D face scanning for authentication. SensibleVision's 3DVerify provides a 3D face scanning authentication solution that delivers to non-iOS device makers an equivalent or in some cases even more capable solution. pmd's 3D depth sensing development platform CamBoard pico flexx - in a miniaturized variant already integrated into mobile devices - and dedicated 3D data processing deliver the high quality depth data for the solution.

Rather than having to wait and play catch up to Apple, manufacturers of Android and Windows mobile devices can immediately be on par or even ahead by being able to provide the latest in 3D authentication.

"With our leading 3D facial authentication solution, all handset makers can now transform the way people access and interact with their devices - and keep pace with or even move ahead of Apple," says George Brostoff, co-founder and CEO of SensibleVision. "The quality of the data from the pmd ToF technology is amazing. Combing our 3D recognition with the 3D sensors allows perfect operation in the brightest sunlight and the darkest rooms with amazing speed and accuracy."

"The combination of all the partner's skills lead to an astonishing small, robust, fast and effective 3D authentication solution for mobile devices. As Apple seems to predefine the future of innovative authentication solutions, we're thrilled to enable OEMs with pmd depth sensors and SensibleVision's 3DVerify solution to a rapid and efficient integration into their devices," says Bernd Buxbaum, founding CEO of pmdtechnologies.

For a video demonstration of how 3DVerify works with the pico flexx development kit visit the pmd youtube channel.

About SensibleVision

SensibleVision is a global leader in multi-factor biometric-driven authentication technologies leveraging facial recognition. For more than a decade, their patented face authentication and continuous security technology has helped banks, technology companies and other organizations reduce fraud. Their flagship solutions offers quick and continuous authentication for computers, tablets, smartphones and mobile apps. For more information, please visit SensibleVision.

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