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Web presenters undergo complete overhaul

(PresseBox) (Ettlingen, ) Timely for this year's CeBIT the IT-service provider „Your Actor on the Internet“ (YAOTI) has subjected his virtual, human web presenters to a complete overhaul. The animated copies of real people are able to guide users quickly and without long wait through Internet platforms and explain web forms or images.

What's more, website operators who use the free of costs presenters, can as of now decide how often one very same visitor should meet the own YAOTI. After the latest relaunch, the employed system is now able to recognize the various users of an Internet platform. Thereby it can judge which user has already seen the web presenter and which one hasn't yet.

„We want to prevent that the user sees one and the same web presenter again and again. After all, users, who visit one website more than once do not anymore depend on the help from the YAOTI. What's more we don't want boredom to arise“, explains Volker Bossert, managing director of YAOTI ( His service is yet presenting another innovation at the time of the CeBit: the dynamic positioning of the web presenters. Website operators can now decide themselves, where exactly the animated receptionists should be posted.

YAOTI is based on new innovative technical developments made in Germany. The IT-specialists from Ettlingen copy real people including their motions, their looks and their voice 1:1 into the Internet. For this purpose, film sequences are shot with a high definition video (HDV) camera in a so called "green box" and transmitted into the computer. By using the latest interactive technologies the sequences are transformed into animations with a transparent background and then put on the website, where they are played – sound included – at every call of the site.

YAOTI can be used free of costs by private users as well as by tradespeople. The innovative online presenters are embodied by actors.

PlusContact Promotion GmbH

The services of YAOTI are provided by the PlusContact Promotion GmbH. The specialist for online marketing and IT film productions was founded in 2003. YAOTI offers virtual, human presenters for IT applications like web sites, presentations or software products.

The YAOTI online presenters can be downloaded and used for free. Only the individual productions are connected with costs. You find more information at