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Security on demand for medium-sized IT landscapes

(PresseBox) (Cologne, ) Medium-sized businesses can now obtain their full-service IT security from Pironet NDH Datacenter on demand. The ICT service provider's Managed Security Services secure its customers' branch operations and locations against malware and attacks from the Internet while relieving companies of the need to invest in their own on-site hardware, licenses and expertise.

In a move comparable to its rates models for cloud computing, Pironet NDH has set up its new security solutions as a needs-based service in keeping with the 'as a service' model. The costs to customers are oriented to individual use of the services and are calculated based on customer network capacity and data throughput.

Comprehensive security in the cloud computing age

'Small and medium-sized enterprises in particular have to make sure that the security they provide for their IT landscapes is not reduced to mere patchwork', warns Dr. Clemens Plieth, a member of the management team at Pironet NDH. While software and IT resources are already available from the cloud 'on demand' today, companies with distributed IT landscapes struggle with scattered responsibilities and a lack of cost transparency when trying to protect their assets.

'That's why we offer our customers end-to-end protection for their systems, from our high-security data centre to data connections and local networks. Our Managed Security Services are the keystone of a comprehensive security architecture that spans all of a customer's locations. The on demand model keeps security costs transparent and plannable, even in distributed IT landscapes', Plieth explains.

Construction kit for IT security

Companies can tailor Managed Security Services to suit their own security requirements: the basic version includes on-site operation of an enterprise firewall system, together with access for users in the field via virtual private networks (VPN). Customers can also shield their data traffic and e-mail correspondence against virus attacks and spam while blocking access to unwanted websites from within the company network. For special security requirements, Pironet NDH can also monitor and analyse patterns of access from the Internet with the aid of an Intrusion Detection System to provide quick defence against automated attacks.

For all of the service levels, business customers receive regular monthly reports detailing the security situation of their information and communications technology. A personal service manager is also provided to assist companies with any current incidents and with overall control of IT security.

Unified threat management based on Fortinet

Pironet NDH obtains the technology it uses for its Managed Security Services from Fortinet, one of the worldwide leading security specialists. The tools used are known as 'unified threat management appliances'. This approach securely fits components with the requisite hardware and software. Because systems such as these work faster than purely software-based solutions, they do not impede the customer's data traffic. Fortinet also maintains worldwide teams of security experts who continuously work to develop security products based on current threat levels as they evolve.

CANCOM Pironet AG & Co. KG

Pironet NDH Datacenter is a leading ICT outsourcing vendor for German small- and medium sized businesses (SMBs) and offers a full range of services for the efficient and secure operation of business applications and ICT infrastructures. Core services include holistic solutions and flexible cost/use billing models for the provision of IT resources according to modern on-demand concepts like Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or Cloud Computing.

The centralization and outsourcing of, for example, business applications from SAP and Microsoft, as well as the use of a network infrastructure also provided by Pironet NDH Datacenter allows SMBs to significantly reduce their investment and operational expenses for the management of information and communication and concentrate on their core business tasks.

All the supply and operational aspects of the ICT outsourcing product lines are certified in accordance with strict and internationally recognised guidelines, including in accordance with DIN ISO/IEC 27001. For the client, the certification represents the operational excellence of Pironet NDH in all processes, as well as in maintaining high technical and safety-related standards.

Customers include numerous SMBs as well as international corporations. More information is available at: