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Pironet NDH: The first medium-sized ICT outsourcing provider with a full range of ITIL-based service and support processes

Outsourcing with "ITIL Plus" allows companies cutting costs while promoting process innovation

(PresseBox) (Cologne, ) As from now, Pironet NDH's ICT outsourcing customers can take advantage of workflowsupported service and support processes that provide for particularly short throughput and processing times. The "blueprint" for this new IT service management is provided by the IT Infrastructure Library - ITIL for short - a collection of best practices that have been repeatedly tried and tested at a range of large international companies.

Pironet NDH's outsourcing model offers small- and mediumsized enterprises in particular an ideal way to solve the latent problem of conflicting objectives in their drive to increase efficiency: reducing costs while simultaneously stabilising and accelerating their processes, and without the need for investment or expenditure of resources. The "ITIL Plus" concept employed by Pironet NDH also offers a number of additional benefits to customers.

Prioritisation according to urgency and impact

Within a few minutes of receipt of a customer query, known as an incident or change in ITIL terminology, it is prioritised according to urgency and impact and then processed. This takes place on the basis of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) that has been agreed with the customer in question. The Pironet NDH-Service Desk or, for major changes, the personally assigned Service Manager, are the central point of contact for the customer and are available within the service periods specified in the SLA.

To ensure that help can be provided quickly, service desk analysts are also able to rely on an extensive database (configuration management database) in which all of the IT services operated by Pironet NDH are represented, along with a collection of individual incidents and solutions that are already known (knowledge database).

Processes encompass the entire company

With Pironet NDH's concept, ITILbased processes cover not only the service desk and service management, but the entire company, making it possible to integrate Pironet NDH's highly qualified experts from each department - e.g. for special business applications or network technologies - directly into the customerspecific processes.

In addition, ITIL Plus offers special quality management whereby the operated procedures are jointly examined with the customer according to the principle of dual control. During this examination, particular attention is paid to evaluating quality and efficiency. In addition, a web portal has been implemented that customers can use to report malfunctions and to track the status of their tickets online.

Perfect service is the prerequisite for SaaS and cloud computing

"For successful utilisation of modern on demand supply models for IT, companies understandably require from their providers high availability guarantees and wellorganised service and support processes," says Dr. Clemens Plieth, Director Service Delivery at Pironet NDH Datacenter, in summing up the results of the latest studies on Softwareasa-Service.

"We have transferred all customeroriented processes into special ITILbased software that is able to reliably dispatch every query onto a process route that has been precisely scheduled and defined by the system. This is a complicated process but absolutely essential for professional 24x7 support and high customer satisfaction with SaaS. Because of the current transformation within the provider market, we strongly recommend that customers pay particular attention to service and support."