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SINFOS is providing a data pool for non-recyclable drinks packaging - data entry has commenced

(PresseBox) (Cologne, ) As of May 1, retailers will be subjected to more stringent requirements regarding the non-recyclable drinks packaging they will be required to accept and pay deposit on. Discount retailers, for example, will be required to accept disposable cans and bottles even if they do not offer them themselves, so long as they are made of the same materials (metal, glass, PET) as the packaging on offer in the store. SINFOS GmbH is providing the central master data pool for the new deposit system for non-reusable returnable drinks packaging.

Deutsche Pfandsystem GmbH (DPG) is using the pool as a platform on which participants (bottlers, retailers, service providers) can register all items (packaging for which deposits are required) and machines. The beverages industry and retailers are now beginning to enter their data a few weeks before the new regulation comes into force. The DPG pool, developed and operated by SINFOS, will thus provide information on who is issuing packaging, who is allowed to accept it and which packaging carries a deposit.

This allows the DPG pool to serve as a basis for the coordination of all connected clearing processes. The actual clearing processes for the deposits will be performed by the retailers and bottlers either themselves or by their service providers. The central registration will also help to ensure the security of the processes. The obligation to register all affected items, machines and companies will make it more difficult to abuse the deposit system. "The DPG pool developed with SINFOS expertise will ensure the uniform quality of the deposit data, creating standards for the smooth and secure circulation of non-reusable returnable packaging and deposit payments," explains Rolf Stark, Managing Director of SINFOS.

The DPG data pool technology is based on the pirobase PIM solution from SINFOS's parent company, Pironet NDH. The SINFOS data pool is market leader in the exchange of product master data in Europe. Klaus Dambacher (EDIMEDIEN), IT Consultant at DPG, justifies the decision as follows: "One of the primary reasons we chose SINFOS was due to its technological advantage, something which many companies were able to confirm. Another was the fact that a large part of the German retail and consumer goods industries already rely on SINFOS and are familiar with the use of the data pool."


SINFOS GmbH operates an international portal for article master data. Industry and commerce rationalise their traffic in merchandise not by aligning their article master data unilaterally but rather multilaterally by way of SINFOS GmbH's central pool. Typical for the SINFOS pool is that it supports internationally standardised content, process stipulations and functions.

Shareholders are Pironet NDH AG and GS1 Germany GmbH. The SINFOS master data portal is currently being used by over 2,000 companies from Germany, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Austria and Spain and permits cross-border master data alignment in accordance with GCI requirements (Global Commerce Initiative) for interoperability.

SINFOS represents German and European interests in master data synchronisation internationally. This is the reason why the company is involved in global initiatives, such as the Global Standard Management Process (GSMP) by GS1.