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pi4_robotics GmbH presents newly developed fourth generation humanoid robots

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Soon after pi4_robotics took second place in this year's Robotics Award at the Hanover Fair for the workerbot3 ™, the company presented already the fourth generation workerbot: at the Berlin Pop-up-Lab, which is presently touring Germany and caused excitement all week long in Munich. The lady robot 'yolandi.workerbot' ceremonially dropped her veils on the opening day, thereby presenting the new workerbot4 ™ generation to a wide public audience. In the subsequent autographing hour, she distributed set cards bearing her personal information and preferences to interested visitors.

With the fourth generation workerbot, pi4_robotics offers for the first time a generation of robots that has been specially conceived for service applications. The new workerbot4 ™ single-arm service and industry robot can be taught within no longer than one hour and is then then already fully available to perform the desired activity. Typical workplaces and tasks for the robot are: concierge, security guard, catering, ... The new robot generation can be used just as efficiently in factories, which pays off above all for smaller companies that only produce a small number of items. The robot can be used flexibly at different locations and can be rolled to the required workplace. The new multiple function gripper is offered with different functions, depending on the type of tasks to be performed. The workerbot4 ™ therefore has extremely versatile capabilitiesent, ranging from signing, through pressing operating system keys, right up to color recognition. Those who want to use the robot in catering can have it fitted with a gripper for liquid containers, along with a liquid level sensor. An avatar function is included in the versions security guard, concierge and AAL (Ambient Assisted Living: robotic assistance for older persons), by means of which the robot can independently connect to an alarm center. In the security area, the robot is able to detect and notify presence of explosives and radioactivity. Person recognition software supports the robot in searching for both persons and dangers.

Current workerbot4 ™ tour schedule:
Berlin Pop-up-Lab, Partner München: June 13-18, 2016
Türkenstr. 67, D-80799 Munich, Germany

Automatica 2016 in Munich: June 21-26, 2016
Messe München (Munich fairgrounds), Stand B5-341A

Equipment for flexible location, which can be rolled to the workplace without additional means of support.

Learning within max. 1 hour with a workerbot App.
  • Head with integrated image processing, with human and optional person recognition
  • Neck with rotating and tilting axes
  • Avatar mode for remote control of the robot
  • Presentation mode with integrated interfaces to external beamers
  • Spoken output (possible in all languages)
  • Microphone and optional language recognition software
Novel multiple function gripper with following functions:
  • integrated vacuum generation
  • integrated color camera for product position detection and color recognition
  • ballpoint pen to sign documents
  • finger with status detection for pressing operating system keys
  • gripper for beverage containers
Security guard version, optionally with Geiger counter and explosives sensor
Secretary version, optionally with business card scanner
Catering version, optionally with filled level status sensor for beverages
Factory worker version, optionally with image processing for signal detection (red/green), position detection of operating system keys and products, and code reading.
AAL (Ambient Assisted Living) version
Face with touch surface as a modern communication instrument and status display for intuitive operation.

workerbot4 ™-industrial
workerbot4-industrial is ideal for processing small lots, for which the workerbot4 can be taught within less than 1 hour. This includes enabling the robot to serve measuring equipment or machines like a human, in that it presses keys and recognizes signal lamps.
Aside from this, there is location flexibility: workerbot4 ™ can be rolled to its workplace like a store trolley (max. weight including available options approx. 150kg)
  • Learning < 1 hour
  • Recognizing and pressing keys - no IO (input-output) equipment coupling required
  • Detection of products and grasping
  • Recognition of codes and taking corresponding action
  • Filling in protocols “by hand” with a ballpoint pen
  • Detecting signal lamps and reacting to them
  • No external compressed air connection required
  • Transport without additional means of support
  • Electricity supply: 230V / 16A “Schuko” shock-proof socket with earth-protected contacts
Environmental aspects:
  • Saving of resources through fast learning
  • Compressed air is only produced in the moment when required and then directly in the gripper => no compressed air line losses
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Lower degree of components used than in conventional automation systems, as operation takes place “by hand”, just like by a human.
AAL version
  • -Avatar function: workerbot4 ™ can independently connect with an alarm center and thereby obtain support from humans, who can contact the person at the robot via the robot's sensor and actuation systems.
  • Reminder function: workerbot4 ™ can ensure older people take their medicine or beverages on time and can optionally also provide tablets so that mistakes are no longer possible.
Security version
workerbot4 ™ security can detect and notify presence of explosives and radioactivity via corresponding optional sensors. With its person recognition software, which can be coupled with e.g. police data banks, the robot provides support in searching for both persons and dangers.
Avatar function: workerbot4 ™ can make contact independently with an alarm center and thereby obtain support from humans, who can contact the person at the robot via the workerbot4 ™ sensor and actuation systems.


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