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Solar Terawatt-hours Conference Series

February 2 - 4, 2010 in San Francisco

(PresseBox) (Aachen, ) This year, for the first time ever, a single solar company will produce over 1 GW of PV module power. While installed in different locations with different irradiation levels, these modules will generate solar electricity on a new scale - terawatthours. This company, First Solar Inc., is also the only pure thinfilm company among the top 10 PV manufacturers, as well as the only PV player that has partnered with a global utility to produce and install solar modules.

As one thinfilm company has broken new ground, the entire PV sector is preparing for the big power game - from startups developing lowcost technologies to big solar corporations and utilities heading downstream to sell solar electrons. At PHOTON's »Solar Terawatthours Conference Series,« we will provide insight into the most exciting solar companies and innovative new technologies as well as the most critical utilityscale challenges emerging in the terawatthoursized solar power sector. The conference series, which will take place from Feb. 2 - 4, 2010 in San Francisco, includes three events:

- PHOTON's 2nd PV Thin-Film Conference ( on Feb. 2 will discuss the question, »Are there any other candidates among thinfilm companies beyond First Solar that will reach terawatthourscale production in the next 3 years?«

- PHOTON's 2nd PV Startup Conference ( on Feb. 3 will provide you with an overview on »Which are the most promising startups that have the potential to strongly impact cost reduction in the terawatthour power generation game?«

- PHOTON's 3rd Solar Electric Utility Conference ( on Feb. 4 will give answers to the question, »What is the right strategy to master the gigantic challenges of integrating the upcoming wave of solar into the electricity supply sector?«

PHOTON's Solar Terawatthours Conference Seriesis aimed at solar investors, decision makers from the solar industry and electric utility business, and companies planning to move into this exciting and fast growing technology. The event is organized by PHOTON, the world's leading PV publisher, with the intention of providing a catalyst for indepth discussions, analysis and action concerning PV technology on its way to reaching massive scale and impact in global power generation.

We look forward to welcoming you in San Francisco at our
»Solar Terawatthours Conference Series«.