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Philosys offers validation of development-platforms

Novel service to clients and prospects to check out adherence of real-time characteristics in simulated test operations / significant cost reduction time the reduction of dependence

(PresseBox) (Unterschleißheim, ) The Munich, Bavaria, based Linux systems specialist Philosys Software GmbH effective today offers to clients and prospects a novel service for the validation of development platforms with regards to their adherence of Realtime characteristics in simulated test operations. Starting point was the increasing number of customer inquiries to which extent a change of the so far used and often self developed Realtime platform towards modern standards as Linux would make sense or would be feasible. Since availability of the Linux kernel, Release 2.6, there has evolved an alternative for companies which develop embedded software for Realtime environments for the first time. However, despite all Linux kernel enhancements like "Realtime Preemption" and "High Resolution Timer" it is still challenging for customers to find out whether a change of their own platform will guarantee the compliance with their Realtime requirements.

This is where the new service concept from Philosys will become effective: being the exclusive professional services partner in central-Europe for the Embedded Linux pioneer MontaVista, Philosys has practical experiences with this Realtime Linux distribution available which also constitutes the foundation of the 2.6 kernel enhancements. This knowledge was used in numerous projects with other Linux distributions and commercial platforms as well. This allowed Philosys to condense their wide experience and to implement appropriate test and measuring procedures which are made available to clients. Since each project has its specific requirements and environmental conditions, Philosys developed a framework consisting of best practices and preconfigured routines that need to be customized to the specific requirements.

Companies which still develop embedded software by using proprietary operating systems respectively Realtime add-ons have now the opportunity to receive both a professional analysis of all input factors to be taken into account and an assured prognoses with regards to the Realtime behaviour of the software applications that can be an essential backing for the decision making. A decision in favour of a change to a standard Linux platform can represent a significant cost reduction and at the same can downsize the dependence on one ore more specialized vendors.

Companies that would like to check existing Embedded Linux applications with regards to future requirements and their Realtime capabilities can benefit from this service as well. Subsequently to this proof-of-concept Philosys supports the product selection (standard Linux, special distribution or proprietary Realtime OS respectively add-on) and the assembly of a tool chain including assistance with the software development efforts.

Philosys Software GmbH

Philosys Software GmbH had been founded in 1988 by four former Kontron developers. The privately owned and always profitable company positions itself as an IT- und software development services provider with a clear focus on Linux and Open Source in the development of Embedded and Realtime system software and technical applications. Among our clients are leading hardware-, software- and systems vendors as well as R&D departments of large automotive, telecommunications and manufacturing corporations. Philosys partners both with global leading hardware vendors, as there are Intel, Freescale, IBM, HP and Sun Microsystems and as well leading development software vendors in the Embedded and Realtime market space as MontaVista and now VirtualLogix. Philosys’ offerings comprise of consulting services, trainings, planning, design and implementation of software applications. More information can be found under: