PFLOW: OEM MEMS mass air flow sensors for medical and process control applications

With high resistance towards clogging and pressure shocks

Zürich, (PresseBox) - PEWATRON has released the new MEMS mass air flow sensor PFLOW which incorporates the latest MEMS and microelectronics innovations. The PFLOW sensor has a very high resistance towards clogging and pressure shock. Because of the innovative MEMS thermal isolation design does not require fragile thin membranes or surface cavities for thermal insulation. The sensor has a very high sensitivity at low flows and is thus perfectly suited for medical and advanced applications within the process industry.

The flow sensing die consists of two thermopiles symmetrically positioned up and downstream from a heater element which heats up the hot junctions. Each thermopile consists of 20 thermocouples in series to reveal the highest level of sensitivity. When a flow passes over the die, the thermopiles generates an output voltage proportional to the temperature gradient (asymmetric) between the hot and the cold junction due to the Seebeck effect. In case the medium is static (no flow), the temperature profile of both - up and downstream - is symmetric.

Five standard measurement ranges are offered from 0...10 SCCM to 0...2000 SCCM, as well as customer specific ranges between 10 and 2000 SCCM. Accuracy is better than +/-2.0% FS, and the temperature compensated analog output (0...50°C) is highly linear with flow. Analog voltage output is between 1 and 5 VDC, and the sensor is resistant to water condensation. Response time is very fast, and about 1-3 ms.

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PEWATRON specialises in physical and geometrical sensors, power supplies and e-components. PEWATRON delivers a wide assortment of electronic components ranging from standard products, modified standard products or customised solutions. PEWATRON works closely with developers and can be involved right from the start of a product development process to ensure that together with the customer, the best fitting component for the application is found.

PEWATRON, an independent company that belongs to the Angst+Pfister Group, has been serving customers in Europe with prompt and individual service for over 30 years. Through the Angst+Pfister Group, PEWATRON belongs to a world-wide network of over 1000 employees and 60 000 satisfied customers.

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