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traxactive - The active online platform for tracking, tracing, and telecommunications

(PresseBox) (Teltow, ) The M2M software specialists at ettex GmbH, based in Berlin, and pei tel Communications GmbH, headquartered in Teltow, are going online with traxactive, the intelligent new Web platform for tracking, tracing, and telecommunications. With the new solution, the partners offer all current and future PTCarPhone 3 users a convenient way to locate and manage their device – and thus also the vehicle where the PTCarPhone 3 is installed.

Combined with the PTCarPhone 3 premium car phone, traxactive offers all users new possibilities for use, with innovative performance features. With its state-of-the-art technology, the PTCarPhone 3 GPS can be used to easily manage and optimize fleet traffic for top efficiency. The intelligent Web-based platform is accessible from all Internet-capable computers, plus, because it makes use of current Web standards, it can even be accessed from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. All the customer needs to do is to enter the login credentials, which are typically sent one day after the order process is completed.

The position location features of traxactive range from simply determining a vehicle’s position to logging the routes of groups of vehicles and even creation of “geozones” – a feature that allows users to divide the map into individually defined areas. Using the GPS module built right into the PTCarPhone 3 GPS, position data are transferred to the Web interface in real time via GPRS/EDGE and displayed in the live map view. That means users can determine the position of vehicles at any time. Asking where a vehicle happens to be at any given time will now be a thing of the past, as traxactive puts this information just a few clicks away for route planners and dispatchers. All of this reduces driver workloads and eliminates unnecessary organizational work.

traxactive also offers a number of analysis features in the form of reports, which can be generated either for individual vehicles or for entire groups of vehicles. This function allows users to see, for instance, whether a vehicle has left or entered a particular geozone. The system can also generate reports according to speed or break time. All reports are prepared by the system in table format and include the identification number, date, time, status, position, speed, driving direction, altitude, and the geozone where the vehicle was located at the time. It is also possible to export reports in HTML, CSV, and XML format, which is ideal for further processing of data in customer-specific IT systems. Native integration into the customer’s IT systems is possible as part of separate projects.

traxactive not only includes position location features, but also allows users to manage many of the phone and device settings of the PTCarPhone 3. For example, the online platform can be used to manage and administer the address books of all PTCarPhone 3 systems in the fleet. It can also assign speed dial numbers and release or block address book entries. With traxactive, some device settings of the PTCarPhone 3 that are difficult to parameterize with built-in phones from other manufacturers, requiring time-consuming access to internal menus – if they can be adjusted at all – are easy and convenient for route planners and dispatchers to administer via the Web interface. These include functions such as setting the phone’s operating mode, activating and deactivating data roaming, and initiating firmware updates.

All changes to one or more settings are transferred directly to a specific PTCarPhone 3 unit or all PTCarPhone 3 systems within the entire fleet via GPRS/EDGE. As a result, using a flat-rate data feature or a mobile phone contract suitable for data transfer is recommended. The speed can even be throttled back by the provider after a low data volume has been reached, since data transmission between traxactive and the PTCarPhone 3 has been optimized for low transmission speeds. There is no noticeable difference if the carrier throttles the data transfer speed in normal operation.

The traxactive online platform is available in two versions. With the product “traxactive/map&phone”, starting at € 4.00 per month per device, the customer receives the full spectrum of features, including all position location functions. The basic version, “traxactive/phone”, is available starting at € 2.50 per month per device and includes remote maintenance and management functions, such as administration of the device’s internal address books, making it ideal for customers who have the PTCarPhone 3 without GPS features.

All of this makes traxactive a must-have for small and medium-sized fleets of up to 100 vehicles or a perfect basis for a specific customer system integration project. A free firmware update to the latest version of the PTCarPhone 3 firmware via GPRS/EDGE is required in order to use all of the functions of traxactive.

Overview of performance features:

- Precision position location and tracking in real time *
- Precise, automatic trip logging *
- Stolen vehicle location *
- Generation of analyses using various filter functions *
- Exporting of all reports in various file formats (HTML, CSV, XML) *
- Use of geozones *
- Management and importing of address books
- Blocking and releasing address book entries
- Creating speed dial entries
- Assigning speed dial numbers
- Managing and editing phone and device settings
- OTA (over-the-air / wireless) synchronization
- Languages: German, English, French

* = “traxactive/map&phone” only

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