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PASS acquires global distribution rights for MindTime

(PresseBox) (Zürich, ) PASS Technologies has announced its appointment as the global Master Licensee of MindTime®, a technology that measures and makes actionable information about people's time perspectives, the mental mechanism at the core of human perception, thinking and behavior.

After 22 years of development and 15 years of scientific and in-market research and validation in marketing, messaging, psychology, design, organizational behavior, education, and consumer service behavior, the MindTime framework is aiming to become a global utility and standard for understanding people.

The time-based MindTime system, which measures individual thinking styles and maps them within a tri-polar framework -Past, Present, and Future- heralds a potential revolution in the business of understanding, modeling and predicting human affairs across dozens of industries and social environments.

"PASS is taking the MindTime system further to the next level by adding enterprise management management functionality to support companies, organizations and communities incorporating MindTime in their own solutions and products. We are also integrating MindTime modeling as a foundational component into our passbrains crowdsourcing platform for product testing, providing a much more versatile approach to select consumer panels and testers and to interpret their feedbacks and product ratings based on their thinking styles.We believe that passbrains with MindTime will allow us to provide our clients with an unsurpassed level of insight into how people feel about their websites and apps and about their products and services" says Dieter Speidel, CEO of PASS.

PASS has long been known for its advanced abilities in crowdsourced testing. With clients in many different industries including retail, marketing, media, telecom, financial services and healthcare, PASS's history is one of choosing the right solutions to deal with today's biggest issues.

The intelligence provided by MindTime's scientifically validated cognitive model is radically different from that provided by traditional audience segmentation solutions -values/lifestyles/psychometrics/demographics- used in business today, claims the MindTime Project, the social sciences research company behind its development.

"Far beyond measuring personality, the MindTime model allows us to map human perception and the thinking process behind behavior" adds Speidel. "This new model represents a paradigm shift in the understanding of people in all walks of life: teams, organizations, communities, and allows us to understand their needs in design, functionality and messaging. This benefits our clients' products and services offerings. No longer are we measuring people as static personalities or the choices they make in limited contexts, we are observing them in their interaction with interfaces and user systems as motivated thinking people. We have long recognized the need for a sound and highly dynamic model of human behavior, and we believe we have found it. This changes the way we approach testing of product and software design for devices, apps and web sites from prototyping to final beta testing and continuous product improvement - our core businesses."

With scientific accuracy MindTime measures human perception and predicts behavior and decision-making across any targeted panel, independently of any demographic or other profiling factors such as educational and professional background, skills, income, gender, or culture. It has been translated and validated in Japanese, German, French, English, and Russian and soon to be released in Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese.

How does the MindTime system work? With the option of a 9 or 18 question version-added accuracy-the profile takes 1- 2 minutes for users to complete. The technology uses advanced algorithms to take users' responses and locate them within a conceptual framework that reveals their temporal relationship to time, Past - Certainty (motivation to avoid risk), Present - Probability (motivation to create order and stability), and Future - Possibility (motivation to pursue opportunity). The technology provides visualizations and data output for the classification and segmentation of people by their most fundamental and predictable biological and cognitive driving forces. This data can be used in any context or situation where understanding and/or predicting people's needs, preferences, styles, communication, resistances, and patterns of behavior adds business value.

“Human thinking and behavior are the next big topics” says John Furey, Founder of the MindTime Project, the developers of MindTime. “The race is now going to be about understanding people using new higher-order models of human behavior that provide high levels of predictability and utility.” Furey adds during his keynote speech at ad:tech, New York, 2010, “ … and we have come a long way from personality tests and values-based measures in the last 5-10 years. We are now firmly in the age of neuro-cognitive sciences”.

"We are very excited about being able to implement MindTime as a new and innovative tool for our product testing business. This new technology will allow us to enter new markets and applications areas as we further develop it within our own organization in the years to come." says Speidel. "We have learned a lot about building and maintaining effective crowdsourcing and crowdtesting communities and we have also identified other potential markets in community-based services such as consumer research, crowdsourcing community building, and career development that could also benefit from this advance in cognitive sciences.

It is a great honor and pleasure having been chosen and appointed worldwide master licensee by The MindTime Project, and to be able to collaborate with its CEO, John Furey and his team. We will strongly benefit from their vast treasure of knowledge and experience in social sciences research. This will be an extremely interesting journey for us and for partners and customers working with us in the future!"

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