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Greater process efficiency with new ultra clean copper tubes

Durability and higher technical performance for solar thermal elements

(PresseBox) (Helsinki, ) Outokumpu launches its new tub-e® copper tube with ultra clean outer surface for solar thermal absorbers. The ultra clean outer surface is offering efficiency in manufacturing processes with reduced welding time. Also less cleaning is needed that means savings in time and money in production. It can be welded with copper or aluminium and is easily bendable. Outokumpu's tub-e® with new ultra clean outer surface gives process advantages especially when using ultrasonic or laser welding technology.

"We stand for high quality in everything that we do." says Ms Jaana Matilainen, Marketing manager of Outokumpu Copper Tube and Brass "Our new ultra clean tub-e® copper tube offers first-class standards of outer surface cleanliness suitable for all solar thermal absorbers whenever good welding properties and top quality are paramount."

Outokumpu's tub-e® copper tube is always a cost-effective option due to its superb technical performance, excellent thermal conductivity properties and its ability to withstand high temperatures. Being 100% recyclable, copper tube is also the environmentally-friendly choice.

Technical information Material: Cu-DHP according to DIN EN 12449 Oxygen-free OF-OK® grades *)

Temper: hard (R290 and R360) in level wound coils (LWC)

Outer surface quality: ultra clean

Coils: on / off reel

Package Pallets are plastic wrapped. Inhibitor plastics can be used to protect tubes against moisture and oxidation during transportation and storage.

*) high purity copper with the highest thermal and electrical conductivity among copper grades, fulfills requirements of Cu-OF (e.g. DIN EN 13600).

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Outokumpu Copper Tube is one of the leading suppliers of installation and industrial copper tubes in Europe. It is the second largest copper tube manufacturer in Europe with strategically located production facilities in Finland, Sweden, Belgium and Spain. In 2006, Outokumpu Copper Tube and Brass’s sales were 678 million euros and it employed 1200 persons in all. Outokumpu Copper Tube and Brass is part of the Outokumpu Group.