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New mainline Linux kernel with real-time capabilities released

Linux kernel version is now our "Latest Stable" real-time kernel

(PresseBox) (Schopfloch, ) The development of real-time capabilities integrated in the standard (aka "vanilla") Linux kernel went an important step ahead: Version is now "Latest Stable" and as such ready for production purposes. This version contains, of course, all upgrade changes of the vanilla Linux kernel 2.6.29 including considerable performance gains. On the real-time side, a better responsiveness - especially in the context of sending and receiving signals - was achieved. More details on this new version as well as general information and installation instructions are available on the OSADL Website

In terms of release date, real-time Linux is now pretty close to vanilla Linux - the -rt tree of 2.6.29 became "Latest Stable" on the same day as vanilla 2.6.30 was released - thus, the -rt real-time tree is only one release number behind! And the distance between vanilla and -rt will become even closer in the next future, until both are released the same day - the day when the CONFIG_PREEMPT_RT configuration item will appear in an unpatched vanilla kernel. This will, hopefully, be the day when real-time capabilities will be available in standard Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Fedora and others.


The Open Source Automation Development Lab (OSADL) started its activities in summer 2006 and is organizing since then the development of Open Source software for automation companies. Among others, OSADL is acting as a "purchase community" of Open Source software, i.e. the membership fees are used to delegate the development of Open Source software projects that the majority of the members is requesting for or agreeing to. In addition, OSADL provides support with practical aspects of using Open Source software in the industrial and commercial context. Current OSADL projects focus on real-time and safety critical Linux, I/O framework, real-time Ethernet and other special drivers for the Linux mainline kernel as well as virtualization.
The OSADL member companies employ altogether far more than 100,000 people and are machine and semiconductor companies, manufacturers of automation hardware and software, software distributors and Open Source software service providers.

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