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Orga Systems offers outstanding charging and billing with financial management

Convergent billing system handles complete billing process

(PresseBox) (Paderborn, Germany, Barcelona, Spain, ) Orga Systems, #1 choice for real-time charging and billing, offers the only real-time billing system in the market designed for true pre-/postpaid convergence. Its modular design enables outstanding billing performance for 140+ M subscribers on one single real-time system. Handling the whole subscriber base on one single system makes real-time capabilities available for post-paid subscribers as well. As an end-to-end charging and billing solution, OPSC Gold provides billing and financial management functionalities, including payments, journaling and collections.

Truly convergent system handles complete billing process

Orga Systems real-time convergent billing solution OPSC Gold handles the complete billing process from bill calculation to the generation of accurate invoices and statements. The solution can process and aggregate all rated postpaid events, recurring charges, and promotional bonuses as well as already charged prepaid events onto one single converged invoice.

Outstanding functionalities in real time

Payments and adjustments, bill calculation and extraction as well as billing for corporate and business customers are being handled by Orga Systems' convergent billing solution. These unprecedented capabilities are completed by journaling and collections. Real-time cost control as well as real-time discounts and bonus for postpaid subscribers enable additional revenue as well as superior customer experience for the whole subscriber base.