Benchmark for tomorrow's billing systems

Orga Systems powers machine-to-machine communication

Paderborn, (PresseBox) - The way for operators to grow in the long run is machinetomachine technology (M2M) and the new service innovations associated with it. In this context, the ability of billing systems to scale and reduce operational costs through automation will be crucial for success. With its next generation realtime based solution portfolio, Orga Systems, #1 choice for realtime charging and billing, gives MNOs the opportunity for outstanding service innovation or diversification.

From bit pipe to key enabler

Nowadays MNOS are often perceived to be no more than a bit pipe, because that is what they have always been perceived as. In order to become part of the ecosystem and thus earn money from M2M communication, operators need to prepare themselves. The important step is consolidation of billing systems and ubiquitous access to the network. Operators need to capitalize on the huge increase in data services without increasing the network cost. And they must lead and drive other industries to get on to the M2M platform, rather than wait for each industry to define its path for itself.

Additional traffic can generate additional revenue streams

There are a lot of more devices out there than subscribers: In 2010, there are 50 billion devices versus 6.5 billion subscribers. This is therefore a huge market opening up numerous opportunities for MNOs. This is because M2M technology will more and more strengthen key areas of the economy, for instance networked homes like smart meters or integrated home entertainment. Healthcare with mobile patient monitoring or transportation using embedded SIM cards for fault report etc. will in the future require M2M, too. Today M2M represents a niche market within the telecommunications market, but the niche will unquestionably grow significantly and will generate a huge amount of additional data traffic and thereby generate significant new revenue streams for MNOs.

Orga Systems enables MNOs to become the key enabler for future communication and to grow profitably in the long run by relying on realtime based convergent charging and billing solutions.

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