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hyperMILL® V9.6: Efficient milling and turning in one application

New hyperMILL version for complete machining with maximum process reliability

(PresseBox) (Wessling, ) The new Version 9.6 of OPEN MIND Technologies AG's comprehensive hyperMILL® CAM solution now offers even more efficient CNC machining. The integrated hyperMILL® millTURN milling and turning module extends the range of machining strategies so that turning strategies are now also available for complete machining on milling and turning machines in addition to the existing 2D, 3D, HSC and 5-axis strategies. A range of new functions has also been added such as active collision avoidance during roughing, convenient complete finishing and workspace monitoring.
The new version hyperMILL® V9.6 from OPEN MIND Technologies AG is a real highlight for complete machining in a single set-up thanks to the new hyperMILL® millTURN milling and turning module.

Milling and turning with just one program
The advantages of modern milling and turning machines, such as machining in a single set-up with a high degree of accuracy and reduced set-up times, are used easily and efficiently with this new module. Because the milling and turning module is seamlessly integrated in hyperMILL® V9.6, users can switch between turning and milling strategies at any time whilst they are programming and they can also generate NC programs very easily. The automatic stock tracking and stock management, the tool database and collision control are available for all the turning and milling strategies. A mill/turn postprocessor ensures that a complete NC file is output.

Complete finishing for slope-dependent finishing
The complete finishing milling strategy is optimally suited to machining flat and steep areas in a single operation. All users need to do is specify a slope angle at the point where the machining passes from flat to steep areas. By entering a clearance area for the tool, the smoothest approach and retract strategy is automatically calculated for the approach and retract points. This means that users no longer need to choose between different strategies.
Automatic pocket feature recognition
hyperMILL® V9.6 automatically analyses either the entire component or defined areas and recognises all the pockets such as open or closed pockets, pockets with and without islands, planar bottom or rounded corners, etc. These can be combined into groups of pockets of the same size, for example, and sorted according to tool position. hyperMILL®'s macro technology can be used to generate automated machining steps.

Active collision avoidance during roughing
hyperMILL® V9.6 provides active collision avoidance thanks to its stock tracking: if the shank or holder is set to collide with the current stock during roughing, hyperMILL® moves the tool path laterally. This allows greater machining depths to be attained with short tool distances.
Reliable workspace monitoring hyperMILL®'s machine and material removal simulation makes it possible to monitor the workspace. A check is made using the stored machine model to see whether the machining job can be completed within the planned machine's workspace or whether limit switches will be traversed. At the same time users can specifically check for potential collisions by looking at the workpiece, holder, set-up and machine movements. Potential collisions are displayed in colour and the relevant program locations are saved in a list.
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