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Organic Electronics Inside!

(PresseBox) (Frankfurt am Main, ) The Organic Electronics Association (OE-A) presented live demonstrations of flexible organic electronic systems. The presentations illustrated all of the possibilities that exist with this platform technology. Additionally, the new edition of the OE-A brochure includes inlays with a set of printed electronics devices and interactive electronic paper cards. This is the first time that organic electronics are provided as a giveaway, and these examples give a vivid impression of the fascinating new world of thin, lightweight and flexible electronics.

In order to illustrate the potential and the integration possibilities of organic electronics, flexible multi-functional demonstrators and give-aways have been built at the initiative of the OE-A, the international key industry association in this field.

Organic sensors, logic circuits, push buttons, electrochromic and OLED displays, printed conducting paths, and batteries have been combined to several flexible multifunctional systems. They clearly demonstrate where the journey of organic electronics is heading.

Acreo, Agfa Gevaert, BASF Future Business, COPACO, Fraunhofer IAP, H.C. Starck, HDMStuttgart, MAN Roland, Mitsubishi Polyester, Plastic Electronic, PolyIC, Thin Film Electronics and VARTA Microbattery are working together on this project.

An example of a flexible multifunctional demonstrator is shown in Figure 1. Giveaways with a set of eight samples of printed and organic electronics showing the variety and possibilities of this technology are also provided as an inlay to the new OE-A brochure.

“The demonstrator project is a key activity of the OE-A. State-of-the-art possibilities are shown by combining the competence of several partners in the fields of materials, processes and devices to produce more complex and integrated systems. We look forward to future generations of the OE-A demonstrators,” says Wolfgang Mildner, chairman of the OE-A.

OE-A (Organic and Printed Electronics Association)

The Organic Electronics Association (OE-A) is a working group within the German Engineering Federation (VDMA). It was founded in December 2004. OE-A is the key international industry association for organic and printed electronics and represents the whole value chain of this emerging industry. Our members are leading international companies and institutions, ranging from component and material suppliers, equipment and tool suppliers, producers/system integrators and end-users to R&D institutes. More than 100 companies from Europe, the US and Asia are working together to promote the establishment of a competitive production infrastructure for organic and printed electronics. The vision of the OE-A is to build a bridge between science, technology and application. More than 3,000 member companies from the engineering industry make VDMA the largest industry association in Europe.

OE-A hosts the premier international conference and exhibition LOPE-C- Large-area, Organic and Printed Electronics Convention - for scientists, engineers, manufacturers and investors. LOPE-C 2009 will take place on 23 - 25 June, 2009 in Frankfurt, Germany.

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