Texparts® Zero Underwinding - A system to prevent underwound ends

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Oerlikon Textile Components is looking forward to offering their customers the Texparts® Zero Underwinding, a new concept with smart design that ensures the prevention of underwound yarn ends for precise functioning during all stages of a spinning cycle. Texparts® Zero Underwinding is an imbedded part of Texparts® Spindle Units.

No underwound ends

During the autodoffing cycle long yarn ends usually get wound up on the underwinding section of the spindle wharves. These wound yarn ends are often not carefully removed from the wharves and are thus accumulated from one doffing cycle to the next. This leads to affected yarn quality, creates fly by randomly hurtling fibre material and results in extra energy consumption.

The Texparts® Zero Underwinding system which can be integrated in the Texparts® Spindles will set new standards by avoiding underwound ends and by overcoming the difficulties well known by the experts in the spinning mills.

Avoiding accumulated underwound yarn ends on the wharves is better than a later subsequent cleaning. Therefore, the new Texparts® Zero Underwinding system was designed to prevent underwound ends. This has an influence on several factors during the spinning process.

The first factor is a reduction of the air friction and energy consumption per spindle unit.
Savings of up to 10 % can be achieved due to a spindle movement free of yarn rests.
Moreover no residual yarn and less fibre fly ensure a significant reduction of maintenance costs by eliminating subsequent cleaning. Another important factor is an extended spindle life time which can be achieved by avoiding an unbalanced spindle movement. Apart from that no yarn and fibre material is flung from the wharve area which leads to improved yarn quality and less ends down.

Four outstanding arguments for the Texparts® Zero Underwinding system

The use of the Texparts® Zero Underwinding system guarantees a reduction of material loss. The new concept offers the following advantages.
The first advantage is a reliable clamping of the yarn ends. The smart design provides sufficient clamping force at all times. A preloaded spring ensures secure yarn clamping.
The second advantage is a failsafe yarn cutting. With the steel yarn cutter safe cutting is achieved. The solid metal yarn cutter retains its superior cutting quality. Even challenging yarns can be cut simply and safely.
The third advantage is a precise and longlasting function. The centrifugal ball principle ensures a precisely defined opening and closing speed. A uniform and sufficiently large clamping and opening gap is guaranteed at all times.

The fourth advantage is an easy handling. In case of maintenance the easy and quick replacement of the Texparts® Zero Underwinding system is possible by maintaining the spindle upper part.

Precise Functioning

During the complete spinning process the Texparts® Zero Underwinding system ensures a precise functioning. During the spindle restart a clamped yarn end is released and the underwinding section is completely clean and free from yarn. During the closing phase the yarn ends are safely clamped. The integrated steel yarn cutter cuts any material.
For the Texparts® Zero Underwinding system no spare parts are needed.

All from one source

Texparts® Spindles are always manufactured according to customer's specification.
Therefore, the requirements of the customer are considered and we now offer an additional feature with the new Texparts® Zero Underwinding system. The introduction of the Texparts® Zero Underwinding system completes the Texparts® Spindle which consists of spindle insert, spindle bearing and spindle bolster incl. spindle upper part.
This complete spindle unit can be purchased from one supplier.
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