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Recycling: glass, the clear eco-friendly option

(PresseBox) (Düssseldorf, ) The results are plain to see: almost 10 million metric tonnes of household glass containers were recycled in Europe in 2004. Just why is glass recycling suddenly so popular? It's the only type of recycling to offer such great advantages, preserving raw materials and the landscape, saving energy and substantially reducing the quantity of used glass in household waste.

Europe turns to glass
In Europe, the average recycling rate is 62%. The biggest progress has been made in two countries in the south of Europe, Spain and Italy, and by one in the north, the United Kingdom. Glass container production in the 17 countries covered by the FEVE (European Container Glass Federation) rose by 19% between 1993 and 2006, and glass recycling increased by some 42% over the same period.

O-I signs up to the "Commitment for the Environment"
O-I's commitment to preserving the environment is a key priority for O-I. The company is involved in a number of practical operations in partnership with government authorities, to promote selective sorting and recycling of household waste. Initiatives range from exhibitions and educational sessions in schools to competitions designed to raise public awareness about the importance of environmentally-friendly behavior. Specialist consultants train local government staff, who in turn educate citizens with the help of a variety of teaching aids. O-I also requires its plants to produce "cleanly", by introducing specific quality procedures. Today, recycled glass accounts for over half of all the raw materials used by O-I. Because in addition to the ethical considerations, businesses in the 21st century have a duty to act responsibly and produce sustainably, first and foremost in the food industry.

The environmental advantages of recycling
In its furnaces, O-I uses up to 90% cullet, a secondary material obtained from collecting used glass, which is ground down. On average, each new bottle contains up to 60% recycled glass, taken from other bottles.
The practice of introducing cullet has plenty of benefits. In terms of the environment, recycling means
· less extraction of raw materials
· less waste to be disposed of, since glass recycling reduces the amount of household waste thrown away by around 2 million metric tonnes per year
· less CO2 used in the manufacturing process, with a saving of 500kg of Co2 per tonne of glass recycled
· less energy consumption.
When glass containers are recycled, none of the original material's quality or quantity is lost.

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