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O-I creates an elegant 1 liter bottle with screw cap for McGuigan

(PresseBox) (Düssseldorf, ) O-I creates a new bottle for Australian customer, McGuigan. Designed for red and white wines (Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon), this bottle has shoulders halfway between the traditional Burgundy and Bordeaux shapes, giving it a refined and feminine look, but still reassuringly familiar.

"We wanted to create a bottle that's different from the traditional 100cl format", explains Samantha Bragg, Wine Marketing Director at McGuigan Simeon.
"This new bottle was an opportunity to design a larger container with a screw cap, but without compromising on elegance when it sits on the table. Black Label is an entry-level or midrange easy-drinking wine, and its new presentation is ideal for anything from dinners with friends to a quiet evening at home", she adds.

With O-I developing a new 100cl container in its range, its marketing and NPD teams joined forces with their counterparts at McGuigan to come up with this new look bottle, combining finesse and practicality. Distributed by wine cellars and supermarkets, the new bottle is a promotional vehicle for McGuigan’s Black label range.

Its screw cap makes it easy to use and reflects a fast growing trend in packaging development in Australia and New Zealand. The use of this type of closure system has grown massively in recent years, particularly in the New Zealand market, where it can now be found on 90% of all wine bottles!

Initially introduced by makers of more subtle fruit and floral flavoured wines such as Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc, screw caps have conquered these markets as a solution to problems of oxidation or spoilage frequently encountered by the winemakers.

In Australia, wine is understood and widely appreciated for its style and flavor rather than for its traditional or historic image. It is an everyday product, and the practical screw cap is popular with a nation that loves the great outdoors.

Screw caps have now become the most widely used closure system for wine in Australia and New Zealand.

Screw cap growth

Year New Zealand
2001 1.1%
2002 10%
2003 26%
2004 52%
2005 70%
2006 75%
2007 89%

Year Australia
2001 -
2002 -
2003 2%
2004 9%
2005 22%
2006 38%
2007 51%

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