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Design-conscious and socially responsible – why glass appeals to today’s consumers

(PresseBox) (Düssseldorf, ) The main qualities that make glass such a noble material are its transparency, resistance and potential for innovation.
It is ideal for highlighting content and maintaining product quality, even when stored for long periods.

For consumers, glass is the top packaging material for foodstuffs. Not only do they see it as the best possible guarantee of flavour and quality, but its superior aesthetic qualities are universally appreciated.

Made from entirely natural components, glass is a healthy material that symbolizes purity. Created from the four elements - earth, air, fire and water - it could almost be regarded as the fifth element itself. Glass is perfectly in line with the sustainable development that is key to our planet's survival - it is effectively self-sufficient, as when recycled, it acts as its own raw material. The rapid melting of recycled glass also leaves a smaller carbon footprint. Glass is the perfect answer to consumers' concerns about storing foodstuffs. They see it as the most natural of materials.

The attraction of customization

Consumers appreciate glass for its aesthetic qualities: with its almost infinite range of shapes, colours and sizes, the design possibilities of glass are endless. Glass containers do not just highlight the product they contain: they are themselves a crucial factor in the consumer's purchasing decision. Improving brand recognition is vital. Manufacturers need to target specific groups of consumers, attracting and hooking them with a customized visual effect. O-I, the world's leading supplier of glass containers, strives to satisfy these needs through a policy of constant innovation. O-I's marketing and design teams in the various countries where it operates continuously share ideas and develop new products ideas, creating over 1,500 brand new models every year.

A commitment to sustainable development

· O-I is constantly looking to optimize and reduce energy consumption at every stage of the glass lifecycle, from the use of raw materials through to manufacture, via the collection of used containers, which are reincorporated into new glass products.
· Using 10% cullet means there's 2.5% less energy consumed by the melting process.
· The cullet obtained from recycling a single bottle produces enough energy to power a 60 watt light bulb for four hours.
· Glass is endlessly recyclable
· The glass manufactured by O-I is used to make natural, healthy packaging that is durable for consumers and sustainable for the environment.
· O-I is keen to minimize the use of energy and materials. With this aim in mind, O-I supports the collection of used glass according to colour and helps to recycle it. Bottle after bottle after bottle…

O-I Sales & Distribution Germany GmbH

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