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NetConnect Germany introduces conversion fee and publishes control energy levy effective 1 April 2011

(PresseBox) (Ratingen, ) The merger of further market areas in Germany is making progress. NetConnect Germany (NCG) will be the first market area operator in Germany to enable the link-up of cross-quality market areas from April this year.

Based on the preliminary decision by the Federal Network Agency of 24 February 2011 on cross-quality conversion in the NCG market area, NCG will introduce, with effect from 1 April 2011, a fee of two euros per MWh. The fee has been fixed for a period of six months and applies both to the conversion of H-gas to L-gas and from Lgas to H-gas. The future development of the conversion fee will also depend on the proceedings in the main action pending before the Federal Network Agency and its results.

In addition, NCG will be charging a control energy levy of 0.12 ct/kWh with effect from 1 April 2011. The level of this fee is based on the findings and forecasts for the market areas to be merged under NCG.

NetConnect Germany GmbH & CO. KG

NetConnect Germany offers a range of products and customer-friendly services for network operators and shippers across different market areas throughout Germany and handles the operational management of the market area cooperation between various partners. More than half of H-gas moved across Germany is shipped in NCG's market area, which stretches from the North Sea coast down to the Alps. NCG also provides services for the L-gas market area of Open Grid Europe GmbH.