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Successful Introduction of a Novel Patch Clamp-Based HTS-System Through Collaboration Between Nanion and Beckman Coulter

(PresseBox) (München, ) Nanion recently introduced the SyncroPatch 384 Patch Engine (PE), an instrument for HTS-compatible ion channel screening. As a modular part of the Biomek FX, a state-of-the-art liquid handling robot from Beckman Coulter, the SyncroPatch 384PE allows stable and reliable recordings and ensures swift setup and integration into existing HTS-environments.

Patch clamp is the gold standard for investigating ion channels and their effectors, but is remotely far from high throughput screening (HTS) standards. During the past decade, great efforts have been made to automate the patch clamping process and thereby overcome its ultra-low throughput, resulting in a handful of medium-throughput automated patch clamp systems.
Last year the SyncroPatch 384PE was introduced, the first instrument capable of delivering high quality patch clamp data in a 384-well plate format, accompanied by the complete automation of ion channel screening. In this way, the SyncroPatch 384PE allows full integration into HTS-related software, hardware and processes.

By teaming up with Beckman Coulter, a provider of best-in-class liquid handlers, Nanion could focus solely on the development of the Patch Engine, a patch clamp module with 384 parallel recording channels. Two Patch Engine modules can be integrated per Biomek FX robot, together offering stable whole cell recordings from up to 768 cells in parallel, with average success rates of 85% for completed experiments. The system allows for at least 20,000 data points per day, and is well-suited for both ligand- and voltage-gated ion channels.

Dr. Christoph Krüll, Marketing Manager EMEAI, Life Science Automation, Beckman Coulter GmbH, says:
"The Biomek FX is a great match for the SyncroPatch 384PE because of its robustness, flexibility and the fact that it is common throughout laboratories worldwide. Additionally, Beckman Coulter’s open software architecture ensures complete integration of SyncroPatch 384PE control functions, facilitating simple and straightforward setup of schedules and routines. The SyncroPatch 384PE provides for an application specific Biomek system and expands the area of use for our products."
Dr. Niels Fertig, CEO and founder of Nanion Technologies, continues:
"The development of the Patch Engine was extremely rapid and relies on proven successful technology and more than 10 years’ experience in product development of automated patch clamp devices. But in addition, the quick development, recent launch and shipping of the system, was to great extent accomplished by using the Biomek FX as primary liquid handling platform. The Biomek FX offers advanced and reliable pipetting options, massively parallel pipetting heads, and the complete integration into existing control software. So for Nanion, most of the liquid handling requirements were a “consider-it-done”-situation with Beckman Coulter as partner."

Nanion’s team of application specialists and support technicians work closely together with Beckman Coulter’s global service network, for a swift and seamless integration of the SyncroPatch 384PE into existing HTS environments and to promptly respond to customer requests.

The SyncroPatch 384PE will be displayed at the Biophysical Society’s annual meeting in San Francisco, CA, February 15-19.

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Nanion Technologies GmbH is a German Private Limited Company and was founded in 2002 as a spin-off from the Center for Nanoscience (CeNS) of the University of Munich. Nanion’s team has developed and globally established four generations of highly successful automated patch clamp instruments as enabling tools for sophisticated and high throughput applications for ion channel research and drug discovery. Nanion recently launched the CardioExcyte 96, for cardiac safety screening, and the SURFE2R N96, a device for parallel membrane transporter protein recordings.

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