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Nanion's SyncroPatch 96 Convinces Big Pharma Automated Patch Clamp Users

(PresseBox) (München, ) Nanion’s ion channel screening platform, the SyncroPatch 96, has been well received within the pharmaceutical industry during the past 12 months. Experienced automated patch clamp users continuously decide in favor of the SyncroPatch 96 because of its high throughput and cost-efficiency in combination with reliable pharmacology for heterologous voltage- and ligand-gated ion channel targets.
The SyncroPatch 96 is Nanion’s high throughput screening platform, capable of generating 9000 data points per day. Since the launch earlier this year, the SyncroPatch 96 platform has been validated with a wide variety of ion channels and cell types, including challenging ligand gated channels such as α7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors.

Dr. Adam Hendricson, Lead Evaluation, Bristol-Myers Squibb, CT, USA, says:
“The flexibility of the SyncroPatch 96 to run ligand-gated assays without sacrificing throughput or fidelity relative to voltage-gated channels really sets it apart in the gigaseal auto-EP space. When considering different platforms, the SyncroPatch was the only system that met all our critical criteria: >50% giga-seal across multiple cell lines, minimal chip priming and cell-handling, rapid solution exchange for fast agonists, internal solution exchange, ability to multiplex cells in a run, compatibility with external robotic automation, and a highly competitive cost per data point. We run the SyncroPatch on a daily basis and are very happy with its performance and efficiency, and with the excellent, highly responsive applications support offered by Nanion.”

Dr. Henning Draheim, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Germany, continues:
“We carefully researched the market before looking closer at selected APC platforms that may match our internal criteria. We were very impressed by the SyncroPatch 96 system’s flexibility and data quality when testing it on-site, finding that it really performs “as advertised” and definitely fits our needs. In addition, Nanion performed a blind study on the SyncroPatch, testing 22 of our compounds, using a protocol addressing the block of sodium channels in their inactivated state. The obtained compound pharmacology was compared to our manual patch clamp data and the match was fantastic! For me, it was then a straightforward decision for the SyncroPatch 96 and of course it is great when the data speaks for itself when one needs to convince the upper management to purchase state-of-art equipment.”

Niels Fertig, CEO of Nanion Technologies, ads:
“We see a general trend that APC users continuously decide for the SyncroPatch 96 after back-to-back comparisons with other platforms. For us, this is a clear indication that the platform delivers what industrial screeners want, in terms of throughput, experimental capabilities and data reliability. Secondly, experienced users challenge the platforms harder – which we welcome, since it proves the capabilities as well as limitations of the tested platforms. As always, we listen carefully to what our customers tell us, to match their hardware and software requirements. At the moment, we’re very busy installing the SyncroPatch 96 worldwide, and we foresee very positive developments in 2012.”

Nanion offers demonstrations of the SyncroPatch 96 at the head quarters in Munich, Germany, and North Brunswick, NJ, USA, or at the customer site.

Nanion Technologies GmbH

Nanion Technologies GmbH is a German, privately held, limited company, founded in 2002 as a spin-off from the Center for Nanoscience (CeNS) of the University of Munich, Germany. Nanion’s team has developed and globally established three successful automated patch clamp instruments as enabling tools for sophisticated and high throughput applications for ion channel research and drug discovery.
Nanion's high quality instruments employ planar patch clamp chips which replace the traditional glass pipette used in the conventional patch clamp technique. In 2009 Nanion was awarded the German Founders Award (Gründerpreis), and the Innovation Prize Step Award. In 2012, Nanion celebrates its 10th anniversary. Nanion has two subsidiaries: Nanion Technologies Inc., North Brunswick, NJ, USA, opened in 2009, and Nanion Technologies China, opened in 2011.