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The filter cleaning with the internationally patented system FilterMaster for cars and more reliably avoids pollutant emissions due to an additional cleaning of the drying exhaust gases by means of a gas scrubber

Diesel particulate filter of a locomotive before and after cleaning
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The FilterMaster for cars and more process was developed jointly with the University of Paderborn as part of a project funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology as part of the ZIM program. The process works with small amounts of a liquid that does not contain solvents, surfactants, etc. and is even drinkable. After cleaning the filter / catalyst, however, drying is necessary. The temperatures in the filter are clearly below the temperatures required for the drying of filters. However, the drying process produces process exhaust gases. The investigations of these process exhaust gases have shown that they contain heavy metals and aromatic compounds.

Exhaust gas treatment reliably prevents the release of pollutants collected in the filter

The analysis of the process exhaust gases has led mycon GmbH to develop an exhaust gas treatment system that removes pollutants from the process exhaust gases. This separates heavy metals and aromatic compounds in particular and ensures that they are disposed appropriately. This high expenditure is necessary, since impurities from fuel and lubricants have accumulated in the particle filter during operation. These are mobilised during cleaning and must be reliably separated.

Gas scrubber enables effective separation of gases and particles

Previously, it was assumed that pollutants in the process gas would be thermally decomposed. For this reason, cleaning of the process exhaust gases was not considered necessary in most cases. The investigations conducted by mycon GmbH have shown that pollutant emissions can nevertheless occur as a result of the process exhaust gases. mycon GmbH as the manufacturer does not make any compromises here. A modular gas scrubber with downstream droplet separator reliably prevents harmful emissions from filter cleaning from tripping into the environment. Regular analyses of the scrubberliquid confirm a considerable proportion of heavy metals that would otherwise have been released into the environment.

As a result, the installation of the gas scrubber showed the importance of cleaning the process exhaust gases in filter cleaning.

mycon GmbH provides FilterMaster for cars and more and/or FilterMaster for trucks for operators of larger fleets in all vehicle areas. The FilterMaster for trucks system, which is also internationally patented, cleans filters with open front surfaces in a short time. The cleaning system works with dry snow and compressed air. A specially designed filter unit retains even the smallest soot particles and fills them into a collection container.

Upon request, mycon GmbH will also take care of the system support including the provision of all necessary operating resources. Since all systems are equipped with remote maintenance systems, part of the control/maintenance can also be carried out from a central location at mycon.

Further application possibilities of the FilterMaster process

In addition to cleaning trucks and car filters, the FilterMaster cleaning processes also offer filter cleaning options for agricultural vehicles, forklifts, ships, locomotives, buses, stationary engines, gas engines and combined heat and power plants. The filters that will be used for gasoline engines in the future can also be cleaned with FilterMaster. We would be pleased to discuss the cleaning possibilities with you and prepare an individual offer according to your requirements.

Another field of application for the cleaning systems is the cleaning of industrial filters and industrial catalysts of all types.
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