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Midas PRO1 and Dugan E-2 Auto-Mixer a Perfect Match

LH Productions creates a great-sounding, feedback-free live mic solution

(PresseBox) (Manila, ) Thanks to the Midas PRO1 Digital Mixing Console and the Dugan E-2, LH Productions is pulling out all the stops for their premium and road-worthy corporate A/V sound support systems. The PRO1 and E-2 perform seamlessly to control a multitude of live mics, virtually eliminating background noise and feedback.

"No corners were cut on this system," said LH Productions Executive Producer Andrew Cunningham. "We're using the Midas PRO1 along with a Dugan E-2 Auto-Mixer to achieve the highest quality sound possible. The PRO1 has already revolutionized our workflow - the Dugan was simply the last piece."

The Midas PRO1 features advanced gating technology, which does an impressive job of isolating each microphone for background noise and feedback.

However, applications requiring the deployment of multiple open mics can become highly susceptible to feedback, and that is where the E-2 comes in. For those unfamiliar with the Dan Dugan E Series, their E-2 Automatic Mixing Controller helps professional engineers manage multiple live microphones -without having to continually ride their individual faders.

"As the demands increase, so does the pressure to achieve perfection," explains Will Lane, A1 Engineer for LH Productions. "The Midas PRO1/Dugan E-2 combination just makes life so much easier."

The PRO1/Dugan connections are simple and allow for post-fader control feeding the auto-mixer. The Dugan E-2 provides eight channels of balanced analog I/O (or up to 16 channels via ADAT) and connects directly to the surface I/O on the rear panel of the PRO1. This gives the user all the features of the console, including EQ and Sends - plus the Dugan automatic mixing capability.

"When the Midas PRO Series was in development, our RnD team invested a considerable amount of time building in maximum versatility," stated Music Group Professional Division VP of Sales Graham Rowlands. "This is a prime example of how the guys in the trenches often have to improvise - and how the Midas PRO Series gives them the flexibility to make it happen!"

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