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Moxa UPort: Reliable and Plug & Play Serial Port Expansion

(PresseBox) (Unterschleissheim, ) Moxa´s UPort family of USB-to-serial products gives modern PCs an easy way to connect to legacy serial devices. As small-footprint PCs have become more popular, it has become common to reduce or eliminate built-in COM ports in favor of USB ports. In addition, multiport serial boards may not be an option due to space or lack of bus slots. Moxa's UPort addresses this situation, allowing up to 16 COM ports to be added through one USB port.

Plug & Play and minimal maintenance As many USB devices, the UPort series are automatically detected and installed in the host PC. Should the host PC crash or the UPort to be replaced, the external connectivity is faster and problem free that multiport serial boards. In addition, the COM Preserver™ (patent pending) allow to store the serial ports configuration in the UPort and restore it to another PC in a few seconds, saving installation time and the same software configuration.

USB 2.0 performance UPort USB-to-serial hubs are the world's first to support Hi-Speed USB 2.0 operation at 480 Mbps. With USB 2.0 performance, PCs will not encounter bottlenecks even with many serial devices connected. By comparison, other USB solutions support only USB 1.1 operation, which maxes out at 12 Mbps.

Top serial throughput The UPort is built around the U860 UART and the Moxa ART CPU, using Moxa's 20 years of experience in serial board design. This allows each UPort to provide high-performance serial throughput, even with multiple serial ports.

Rugged design UPort products are designed for industrial use and have a tough metal casing. With 15 KV ESD protection and 2 KV optical isolation, reliable performance is ensured even in harsh environments.

Easy to use, like the Wii Like the Nintendo Wii, the UPort is easy to install and provides performance that is superior to other similar products. In addition, both the Wii and the UPort are solid, well-designed products that provide developers with exciting new possibilities.

Moxa will award a Nintendo Wii, an Apple iPod video, and other assorted prizes for descriptions of USB-to-serial applications. Submissions will be accepted from September 1, 2007 to October 31, 2007. Additional details are provided on the Moxa website at

Moxa Europe GmbH

Moxa Group today is one of the top three worldwide manufacturers of device networking solutions for industrial automation. Moxa focuses on creating data networking products that provide system integrators and end-users with reliable and cost-effective serial-to-Ethernet, industrial Ethernet, and serial-to-PC solutions. Through consequent range extension Moxa has grown to be the one-stop-shop for comprehensive industrial networking solutions: One Moxa - numerous solutions.

Moxa's product lines include:

- multi-port serial boards,
- serial device servers,
- industrial Ethernet switches,
- video over IP servers,
- and front-end embedded computers,

and our customers come from a wide spectrum of business fields and endeavors, including

- industrial automation/factory automation
- machinery
- energy & power
- POS/ATM/retail,
- telecommunications,
- financial services,
- security systems,
- traffic automation,
- building automation,
- transportation
- marine etc.

Dealing with Moxa is all about reliability, professional service and quality. The added value becomes obvious when you look at our worldwide network of dedicated Moxa distributors, the comprehensive technical service support and Moxa's standard five-year product warranty.

R&D is the basis

Moxa invest strongly in their R&D resources to create high-quality products and to be able to react flexibly and quickly to market requirements. Innovation and progressive product development are two of Moxa´s core competences. They enable the launch of record-beating products such as Turbo Ring II with the world´s fastest fault recovery within 20 milliseconds in ring topologies. Moxa´s R&D is concentrated on serial-to-Ethernet and Ethernet switch technology, since the current trend is to use Ethernet as an overall communications backbone for both business and industry. In addition, Ethernet LANs are now prevalent around the world, making it easy for even non-network professionals to set up Ethernet communications applications. Of course Moxa is ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001 certified and all products are RoHS & WEEE compliant.

`Moxa inside´ worlwide

Today more than 9,000,000 devices have been installed worldwide with the help of Moxa products. Moxa is the number one brand of multi-port serial solution in the worldwide industrial market, and one of the top three serial device server manufacturers.

Moxa's products are used in large numbers by several well-known companies, for example Siemens Medical has installed more than 20,000 serial ports using Moxa intelligent multi-port products for medical automation. NCR USA has installed more than 12,000 ports for POS/ATM applications. Toshiba has installed more than 80,000 ports for chain-store operation. TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturer Corp., the world's No. 1 silicon wafer manufacturer) has installed more than 32,000 ports in their factory automation section. China Telco has installed more than 25,000 ports for its billing and switch management system.

How Moxa got started

Moxa was founded in 1987 by five high school classmates who started a consulting business to set up serial communications applications. The expertise they acquired led to the design and manufacture of MOXA multiport serial boards, which are now world renowned for providing high quality data transmission at one of the best cost/performance ratios in the industry. Ever since Moxa started they have grown organically to a global company with 410 employees in five subsidiaries worldwide including Taiwan, China, the US and Germany who ensure professional service and round out Moxa´s global offer with strong commitment to customer focus.