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Cutting traffic by half, carpooling is the key!

(PresseBox) (Bonn,, ) Bonn, Germany-August 4, 2008: The Olympics is near, the air is still unclear. Odd one day, even the next. Why not offer carpooling services as an alternative way of reducing air pollution? Beijing is cutting down their traffic by a half, meaning approximately 1.5 million from 3 million vehicles are cut everyday in order to have a crystal clear air during the Olympics.

This cut is made by the alteration of license plate, odd license plates are allowed to be driven one day and even license plates the other. Using this method, Beijing has increased public transportation. The increase of public transportation may not be sufficient for all those who left their cars at home. It may also not be preferred for some to use public transportation. Establishing a carpooling platform may be the solution.

With oil prices constantly increasing, carpooling is a cheaper way of transportation in comparison to driving individual cars. In addition, carpooling is more convenient when driving in heavy traffic; it reduces stress. Furthermore, it is more efficient for the reason that it reduces energy consumption, pollution due to auto emissions and traffic congestion. This offer may also ease the method of the alteration of odd and even license plates. Providing carpooling platform is another easy and effective way of driving the community and environment in a much more content status. The MOVECO software offers a professional car-pooling platform for regional or nationwide rides with many useful features. The MOVECO software is adjustable to the local peculiarities of each country, so it can be used all over the world.

Founded in 1998, MOVECO develops and pursues innovative concepts in the mobility and travel sectors and is the market leader for carpool matching platforms. Expanding MOVECO Carpooling into other parts of the world is valuable in order to reduce or prevent air pollution and also to provide a cheaper way of transportation. Visit us on our website,


More than a million people a month access a web page provided by EuropeAlive. The Internet portal represents what has become Europe’s biggest carpool agency.
In October 2000, two years after the foundation of, EuropeAlive created an additional project: The Ride-Matching Software “Moveco“ is suited exactly to the
needs of people commuting to work. The Moveco-platform ( includes smaller towns, villages and parts of towns, enabling the user to enter shorter routes and to create carpools for everyday trips. Till now 473 districts and towns in Germany have made the software available to their citizens. The commuter platform started as a pilot project in the Bonn/Rhine-Sieg region. Since then, 473 districts and towns in Germany have made the software available to their citizens. Chief executive of EuropeAlive is Martin Buske.