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Pharmaceutical industry benefits from the nanotechnology: leon-nanodrugs starts with a forward looking concept!

(PresseBox) (Munich, ) Under the motto "The quality of the product is the most important attribute after all!" the MJR PharmJet and the Oncology Services have brought their scientific expertise together and have established the leon-nanodrugs GmbH. The leon-nanodrugs develops nanotechnology-based drug formulations focusing on oncology. On the basis of the patented nanotechnology platform - the microjet reactor - of the MJR PharmJet GmbH, the company develops drug-specific nanoparticles and complex drug-delivery systems for generic and original products up to market approval, including the drug specific manufacturing patents. Thereby, the active substance group ranges from chemically-synthesized products to biologically active proteins and hormones.

"Our product offer creates sustainable product-specific competitive advantages and thus makes an active contribution to the life-cycle management of successful products of our customers, "said Dr. Wolfgang Beier, head of the drug development business.

The leon-nanodrugs GmbH realizes development contracts for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, carries out the cooperation projects and develops its own products up to market approval. The application of the patented microjet reactor technology enables the realization of pharmaceutical forms which were up to now impossible. More than half of all therapeutically used active substances are poorly water soluble or even not soluble in water.

However, a good water solubility is essential for the drug uptake into the body and for its effect. That means, complex and cost-intensive manufacturing processes are needed to make these drugs available for the therapy. With the help of the patented nanotechnology, the microjet reactor, the leon-nanodrugs GmbH is able to convert the drugs, which were previously available only in parenteral form, into e.g. oral administration forms. This signifies a huge progress for the patient's quality of life.

"By utilizing this new technology, we can offer customer's benefits, that were up this date hardly possible" said Dr. Bernd Baumstümmler, founder and CEO of MJR PharmJet GmbH."We are able to reduce manufacturing costs, and improve the specificity and the effectiveness of the drug, moreover, we have the ability to reduce the side effects of therapy!"

The first projects for the generics market have started, since especially in this market the companies must differentiate, but not only on the price basis. With the new technology the leon-nanodrugs offers opportunities to develop new application forms for generic drugs, backed up by substance-specific manufacturing patents and enable a shortened approval process.

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