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Dependable fire protection supports the goal of the most seamless logistics chain possible - without fire incidents. The motto “Sie lagern. Wir schützen” (= You store. We protect.) also applies at Minimax to special requirements such as the protection of automated small-parts warehouses, in which the client - depending on the requirements - has a choice of various extinguishing technologies. The Minimax logistics team with its expertise can assist in all storage challenges.

Fire protection doesn't only start with extinguishing. The earlier a source of a fire is detected, the quicker the fire can be fought and the smaller possible fire damages are. The technologies must be coordinated in optimum combination from the risk management and -organization, fire detection and fire fighting sectors so that fire protection takes effect dependably and as quick as possible, even in high-risk areas such as automated small-parts warehouses (ASW) or cold-storage warehouses.

Alternatives to the conventional standard solution of water-based extinguishing systems:
Fire prevention and fire extinguishing with gases for special challenge ASW

Besides the widely distributed sprinkler technology, gaseous extinguishing agents are also provided precisely for the protection of sensitive or especially valuable warehouse goods. Adapted to their particular application, they fight fires without collateral effects even in places that a sprinkler for example cannot reach and without extinguishing agent residues. Environmentally-friendly and natural substances are used, derived from atmospheric gases as well as environmentally-friendly synthetic gases. Extinguishing takes place by displacing the oxygen with the inert gases argon, nitrogen or carbon dioxide.

An ASW generally consists of a rack system in which small-parts containers or shelf boards find a place for the small parts to be stored. The rack system can stretch to one or more aisles. One or more consignment points at which people work are form part of an ASW, although these points generally are not in the same room as the goods in stock.

Therefore for such special warehouses fire protection by means of an Oxeo Prevent oxygen-reducing system or by a carbon dioxide low-pressure system is in principle conceivable, and it is just this efficient solution of dependable extinguishing with carbon dioxide that is enjoying ever greater popularity with customers with ASWs. As a rule these areas are well sealed off outwardly and personnel are not permanently situated there, so that inert gases or even carbon dioxide can be gentle on the goods in stock and at the same time act as effective extinguishing agents.

Gas extinguishing system with carbon dioxide
The extinguishing effect of carbon dioxide is caused by the fast displacement of oxygen in the vicinity of the source of the fire and a high heat-retention capacity. Due to their special extinguishing agent properties, carbon dioxide extinguishing systems are not only able to specifically protect entire rooms, but also open facilities. Carbon dioxide is an effective extinguishing agent, as well as being a natural part of the ambient air and electrically non-conductive. Carbon dioxide extinguishing systems only require little space for storing the extinguishing agent. All these characteristics ensure that this type of extinguishing systems is also becoming more widespread in the warehouse- and logistics industry.

Oxeo Prevent
The Oxeo Prevent oxygen reducing system reduces the oxygen content in the air by the controlled supply of nitrogen to the protection area to create a "fire-proof" atmosphere and maintains this level permanently. This prevents the outbreak of an open fire for all practical purposes. Oxeo Prevent generates the nitrogen used to reduce the oxygen on site by means of a nitrogen generator. The protected areas can still be entered by healthy individuals.

Water-Based Suppression Systems
Even water can be considered as an extinguishing agent in the cold-storage warehouse sector under certain conditions.

ESFR Dry Sprinklers
So-called ESFR (= Early Suppression Fast Response) dry sprinklers optimally protect warehouse goods even in the frozen zone at -40 degrees Celsius. The pipes only fill with water when the sprinkler is activated. Features such as rapid-response activation elements, large volumes of water per sprinkler head and the droplet spectrum generated make these sprinklers the ideal solution for fire protection of the most diverse warehouse goods, in particular in the cold storage area.

InRack Pack

InRackPacks for example provide dependable rack protection: The distance between the upper edge of the sprinkler pipe and the sprinkler deflector is reduced by the use of particularly flat sockets and Minimax type 21 sprinklers. The sprinklers used with flat-screen spray characteristics allow smaller distances between deflector and warehouse goods and offer maximum space for the goods and items to be stored in the rack.

Fire Detection

Flames, smoke, gas emissions, heat – fire has many facets. The right detectors and fire detectors ensure early fire detection and activation of the extinguishing process.

Univario Industrial Fire Detectors
UniVario industrial fire detectors are intelligent, platform-based, microprocessor-controlled fire detectors with a robust housing and assembly technology for even the harshest working conditions. Thanks to their modular design and use of the latest signal processing technology, these devices meet individual specifications in an extraordinarily wide range of uses. For example, they can be used indoors and outdoors, in the immediate vicinity of the protected facility or from greater distances, in clean rooms or areas as well as in extremely dirty process conditions.

Smoke aspirating systems detect even the smallest smoldering fires. They actively draw air samples from the protection zone and analyze them in a measuring chamber. In addition to a pre-signal and contamination assessment, the detector also offers the possibility of adjusting the sensitivity in accordance with the unit's use. Minimax smoke aspirating detectors are multi-functional detectors that respond to various fire characteristics through combined measuring chamber systems.

FMX5000 IR
The storage of potentially explosive products requires special precautions. UniVario heat- or flame detectors are suitable for these purposes. The FMX5000 UV and FMX5000 IR flame detectors analyze the ultraviolet and infra-red part of the visual spectrum, while the WMX5000 heat detector reacts to rapidly climbing temperatures. Both heat- and flame detectors have been designed for the detection of naked flames which can arise when various materials such as gases, oil products, plastics, wood or metals are burnt. The detectors are distinguished by their robust industrial housing and are therefore suitable even for rugged operating conditions.

Besides the continual further development of individual components and technologies, Minimax also concentrates above all on high quality system integration and the optimum combination of the different extinguishing technologies per object. After the system is set up a specially-trained team takes care of dependable service for maximum long life of the equipment. Visitors can learn more at first hand from the logistics expert team at the Minimax trade stand in Hall 1, Stand 1J60.
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