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Bloor: Innovator for Business Analysts - an Agile BPM Tool

Bloor Research Report About Innovator for Business Analysts

(PresseBox) (Nuremberg, ) MID GmbH: Innovator for Business Analysts is considered part of a product family that goes far beyond being a pure BPMN tool; its models can be reused and further developed,and used as a basis for automated processes, among other things. These are the results of an extensive report made by analyst David Norfolk from the British research, analysis and consultancy organization, Bloor Research. He was also assured of the focus laid on the role of the business analyst. The report highlights the fact that Innovator for Business Analysts is the optimum choice to be employed in an agile environment.

"Innovator 11 for Business Analysts is an effective way to exploit BPMN in practice, as it is focused on the whole Business Analyst role (not just on BPMN) and is part of a larger Innovator family of tools that can re-use and extend its models" summarizes David Norfolk, author of the InDetail report and practice leader for Bloor Research with his focus lying in development.

Business process modeling with BPMN has become increasingly in demand. On the one hand, it has become necessary to understand and master the increasing complexity of business requirements. On the other hand, this is also down to the fact that BPMN has been standardized by the OMG. Bloor Research recommends that every company should analyze and optimize its business processes using BPMN modeling.

In-depth assessment has lead Bloor Research to the conclusion that Innovator for Business Analysts is extremely suited for this and has shown itself to be a modern, forwards-looking and agile business process modeling tool.

Bloor praises Innovator for Business Analysts for its focus on business process modeling from the business point-of-view and its possible integration with Microsoft Office and SAP environments, as well as its potential to bridge the gap between business and IT. The Innovator Enterprise edition supports the roles of the operating department, business analysts, software, SOA and database architects - all rolled into one tool. This improves communication between all those involved in a process and can be used as a basis for automated processes.

The results of the Bloor Report are clear evidence for MID managing director and product strategist, Jochen Seemann, that MID is on the right track with its role-specific spin it has taken with Innovator: "We identified the business analyst as being a key role from an early stage and designed a tool to meet their needs that supports both analysis and optimization of business processes, and unique detection of requirements as part of a team as a basis for software development." Bloor supports the findings of the Fraunhofer IAO study, Business Process Modeling 2010, which found Innovator for Business Analysts to offer the most extensive BPMN 2.0. support of all the tools tested.

You can see the complete report by Bloor Research about Innovator for Business Analysts for free under

Information about Innovator - the modeling company

With Innovator 11 R4, MID offers a mature solution for corporate modeling of processes and IT systems. Extensive functions support the powerful product, specifically various roles within the company and projects. Innovator enables effective and efficient integration of business and IT thanks to current standards used and effective extensions for its applications. Innovator is available for various roles:

- Innovator for Business Analysts
- Innovator for Software Architects
- Innovator for Database Architects
- Innovator SAP Integration
- Innovator Office Integration

Bloor Research

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