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Social Engineering Threats & Information Security Issues in the Virtualized environment

(PresseBox) (munich, ) The late nineties saw most global businesses make a transition towards a paperless office. Today, the buzzword amongst major businesses is “Virtualization”. Employees connected to each other can share data and make business decisions on a real time basis. In the quest for virtualization, organizations are facing roadblocks during implementation in terms of Information security. Any compromise on the security aspect will leave the network vulnerable to attacks from a range of sources. Such connectivity if not secured will provide attackers the perfect medium to approach employees from the relative anonymity of the Internet.

“Social engineering attacks are mostly financially driven, with the attacker looking to obtain confidential information. Some of the common tactics used for such attacks are forging identities, exploiting the inability of people to realize the value of the data held by them or the know-how to protect data. Most users perceive a false sense of security once they install an anti-virus or anti spam solution. That’s why along with providing security solutions, we look to educate our customers on the various current and evolving security threats that take place and how to be immune from them.” said Govind Rammurthy CEO, MicroWorld.

Some of the common online attacks that make news in the press are via e-mail, pop-up application, and instant message attacks that use Trojan horses, worms, or viruses (malware) to damage and subvert computer resources or steal sensitive data. Implementation of strong antivirus solutions is not the answer to many of these malware attacks. It also requires a complete content security solution that can provide total digital immunity.

Rohini Sonawane COO, MicroWorld says, “The current security threats have expanded from infections, spam, to Information theft, denial of service, and more”. eScan and MailScan our two flagship products have evolved with the ever-changing dynamic nature of security threats. Our latest release features, various enhancements that will provide our customers Total Digital Immunity. When we say Total Digital Immunity, we are talking about our proactive approach to information protection as any loss of Information will not only affect the financial bottom lines of the organizations, but also their credibility”.

MicroWorld Technologies GmbH

"MicroWorld Technologies ( is the developer of highly advanced AntiVirus, Content Security and Firewall software solutions eScan, MailScan, and eConceal. MicroWorld Winsock Layer (MWL) is the revolutionary technology that powers most of MicroWorld products enabling them to achieve several certifications and awards by some of the most prestigious testing bodies, notable among them being Virus Bulletin, Checkmark, TUCOWS, Red Hat Ready and Novell Ready.

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