UM 900 - The first tube condenser mic with switchable polar pattern, connectable to 48 V phantom powering

Whether concert, stage or studio, the UM 900 inspires musicians and singers worldwide

With this awarded with a design prize condenser microphone, Gefell has reaffirmed its rightful position as a major force in the microphone industry and continues to innovate, as demonstrated by the UM900, the modern-looking but elegant tube condenser microphone.
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 UM 900 - Innovative and Inspirational - The first tube condenser microphone with P48 V Phantom powering

The modern-looking, elegant UM 900 tube condenser microphone with classic M7 capsule is further proof of Microtech Gefell`s innovative power in microphone development.

With its award-winning design, this microphone is not only decorative, it also ensures optimal acoustic properties.

The special shape of the microphone body, for example, is specially designed to minimise unwanted sound reflections.

The capsule is the legendary M7 - the original design by Georg Neumann from 1943.

The classic double diaphragm capsule forms a pressure gradient transducer of about 30 mm diameter with the gold-plated PVC diaphragms. The assembly is supported by three dampers from the outer ring of the 75 mm grille.

This gives the microphone a clean, colourless sound characteristic.

Acoustic influences that can be caused by housing resonance and / or mechanical vibrations are reduced by the robust construction as well as by a special, vibration-damping mount in the microphone housing.

The amplifier uses a specially selected vacuum tube. An internal transverter supplies all necessary voltages. The low impedance output is realised with an operational amplifier and a balanced output transformer.

UM 900 - the first tube condenser mic with switchable polar pattern, connecteble to phantom powering

The UM 900 is the first switchable pattern, tube condenser microphone that can be connected to any external industry standard 48 Volt phantom powering that can provide at least 4 mA of current and using a regular 3-pin XLR-microphone cable. This is made possible by an advanced circuit design for the amplifier and internal power supply.

There are three switches on the housing of the UM 900. The switch on the front selects the polar pattern: omni, wide cardioid, cardioid, hypercardioid and figure of eight. At 120 degrees to each side are switches for gain adjustment and low frequency cut.

The direction of maximum sensitivity is radial to the microphone body, i.e. side addressed.

The front of the microphone is indicated by the model number and the pattern selector switch.

The microphone's five directional characteristics allow it to be adapted to a wide range of recording situations. It can therefore be used universally, e.g. in orchestras, as a supporting microphone for solo instruments and groups of instruments, and as a speaker microphone, taking into account the proximity effect, in order to achieve a speaker-specific sound image.

Whether concert, stage or studio, the UM 900 inspires musicians and singers worldwide

Due to its high sensitivity and low equivalent noise level, the UM 900 is particularly suitable for speech and singing, primarily for recordings in professional studios and for high-quality transmissions.

Practical experience of renowned musicians confirms this.

So. e.g. Rob Hyman (The Hooters) / Elm Street Studios:
„ And greetings from Philadelphia! The Hooters have finished their 2018 European Tour with great shows all over Germany, as well as Norway and Switzerland. Of course, it was a very HOT summer as you know, but we had a great trip. Anyway, thanks again for the UM 900 service and I'm happy to know the mic is in excellent condition (even with the original tube!).“

Kathy Kelly (Kelly Family). e.g., as she recorded new songs at James Linahon (LMP Studios) in Los Angeles, said:
"This must be it". The musician who grew up with the Kelly Family was fascinated, visited Microtech Gefell and is now happy to have a UM 900 in her own studio.
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