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Reliable suppliers, the key to success

Hettich saves time and money with standard parts from Meusburger

(PresseBox) (Wolfurt, ) Hettich Franke GmbH & Co KG in Balingen, Germany, has been providing technology for furniture for more than a century - with passion. The Hettich brand stands for quality, innovation, reliability and customer focus. Its customised furniture hardware solutions are appreciated by people across the globe. This comes as no surprise because at Hettich, nothing is left to chance - starting with the selection of their suppliers. For cost-effective production, Hettich relies on standard parts by Meusburger.

Hettich Franke is based in Balingen-Weilstetten, Germany. It develops, manufactures and sells adjustable systems for seating and beds as well as different types of level-adjustable systems. It sees itself as a system supplier for the manufacturers of upholstered furniture and slatted bed bases. They work meticulously on products which are often built into the furniture and are thus invisible, but still perceptible. Fitting technology by Hettich moves their customer's furniture and makes it comfortable and safe.

Success through high standards

Its years of experience and high innovative strength provide the basis for the company's success. The various customer requirements are implemented in a consistent, and precise manner. For this, the company requires clear and uniform guidelines from the very beginning, that is, when selecting the supplier. Hettich's procurement marketing is organised on a worldwide basis in order to get the full potential from the global market. Their own standards, such as quality, innovation, customer focus and reliability are an important basis when selecting their suppliers.

Advantages through standardisation

In order to be competitive, the company buys prefabricated standard parts and die sets from Meusburger. The Austrian expert in standard components has developed a modular system of die sets enabling the usage of standard die sets for even more applications - including progressive dies. 'By using Meusburger die sets, we can focus on the essential issues of a tool. This is where we are strong and dealing with what we know . The convenient software enables quick and easy configuration of the die sets. This saves a huge amount of time', says project manager Drazen Karalic. 'In addition, Meusburger offers a wide range of products which is continuously extended with sophisticated solutions. This helps us minimise our number of suppliers and saves a lot of time through simplified processing'.

Making tools in a very short time

Using a Meusburger die set, Hettich was able to make a double-action progressive die set with four infeeds and 2 variants within seven weeks. An important consideration was the short lead time for the die sets: the plates and guiding elements arrived four days after the order had been placed, allowing Hettich to start with the machining of the plates without having to disassemble the standard die set first. The tight tolerances observed when machining the bore pattern, the guiding holes and the alignment edge enabled fast and easy clamping of the plates.

In addition, the plates had been heat treated for stress relief at Meusburger enabling low-deformation processing.

Facts and figures:

Hettich Franke GmbH & Co. KG

Based in: 72336 Balingen
Founded in: 1865
Turnover: approx. 23 million euros
Members of staff: approx. 125
Customers: furniture industry (slatted bed bases and upholstered furniture)

Genero GmbH & Co. KG,
Locations: production plant in Wolfurt (AT)
Founded in: 1964
Turnover in 2013: 160 million euros (increase of 8 per cent)
Members of staff: 700
Products: products for tool and mould making
Customers: more than 11,000 all over the world

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Meusburger is the leading manufacturer in the field of standard parts. More than 11,000 prestigious customers all over the world currently benefit from Meusburger's excellent service and the company's many years of experience in manufacturing high-quality standard parts. Offering an extensive product range that is perfectly adapted to its customers' needs, Meusburger is the ideal partner for overcoming all kinds of challenges in tool and mould making.