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Heavy parts easy and simple turned up into blister packs or workpiece holders

The linchpin of minimised handling charges for heavy parts

(PresseBox) (Bretten, ) Blisters are a popular and economic solution for the transport of the parts before and after the cleaning process. The transfers of the parts from the blisters into the workpiece holders or also vise versa, are highly time and cost intensive. This effort will be minimised by special workpiece holders designed and made by Metallform Wächter GmbH. The workpiece holders are matching exactly the blister packs. This well engineered match enables us to merge workpiece holders and blister packs. The “turn up” minimises the effort of placing the parts either into the blisters, or the other way around into the workpiece holders in a damage free way. To be able to turn up even heavy parts, Metallform engineered a clever manual rotating device.

High cleanliness standards have resulted in increasing numbers of parts being cleaned in customised workpiece holders made by Metallform Wächter. On the one hand, the workpiece holders ensure that the parts are washed effectively on all sides with the cleaning agent, which leads to more efficient cleaning processes. On the other hand, the customised design of the workpiece holders prevents critical areas of the components from being damaged during cleaning.

Cost factor for parts handling
In particular in the case of large volumes, the parts are often delivered in blister packs or must be packed in this type of packaging for transport after cleaning. In any case, manual or automated processes are needed to transfer the parts from the blister packs to the workpiece holders. These handling processes are not only time-consuming, but also result in additional costs being incurred. In addition, there is the risk that the components will be damaged during handling.

Handling reduced by 75 to 90 percent
In order to keep the parts handling to a minimum, the Metallform Wächter workpiece holders are made of stainless steel rods to take into account not only the parts and the cleanliness standards, but also the packaging. The workpiece holders are produced in such a way that the blister packs can be fitted onto them. This allows the blister pack to be placed easily on the workpiece holder, or vice versa, and the entire contents to be turned up by an employee with one easy movement in just a few seconds. The exact match between the basket and the packaging makes this turning up process very safe and reduces the risk of any damage to the parts. Metallform has developed a range of solutions for different suppliers to the automotive industry. The company has also produced special turn up adapters that allow different parts from two packages with different batch sizes to be combined in one workpiece holder. This has reduced the work involved by between 75 and 90 percent in each case, when compared with manual transfer processes, thus allowing a very rapid return on investment (ROI).

New rotating device for heavy components
Workpiece holders weighing up to five kilograms can easily be turned up manually. However, moving heavier baskets is physically strenuous for employees. To handle the heavier baskets, Metallform has developed a simple but highly efficient rotating device. It consists of two metal discs mounted on rollers and connected by four rails where the blister packs and workpiece holders can be loaded. Before sliding in the loaded workpiece holder or blister packs, the empty blister pack or workpiece holder is simply placed on the rails, then locked into place and the metal disc is rotated by 180 degrees. Lock bolts ensure that the rotating device always stops automatically in the correct position. To start the rotating process all over again, the lock bolt simply needs to be released. Because the discs are mounted on rollers, the low-friction turning device can be operated with very little force.
Adjustable loading rails are available to allow the device to accommodate components of different heights. It is also possible to put several workpiece holders/blister packs in the holding device and then to place one blister pack/workpiece holder on each and turn them all up simultaneously. The rotating device is made of stainless steel and can be adapted to fit all types of workpiece holder. The basic size of the loading area corresponds to the batch size of the cleaning system. The lower edge of the workpiece holder/blister pack insertion area is around 900 mm above the ground, which allows the rotating device to be loaded and unloaded ergonomically. Another useful feature is the integral folding table to hold the blister packs/workpiece holders.

More cost-effective than automated solutions
The alternatives to this new rotating device are a time-consuming and costly manual process or an automated, robot-based solution. A robot system costs between 25,000 and 30,000 euros. The rotating device is significantly cheaper than either of these options, but in any case an employee is needed at the end of the production line regardless of which system will be used. Depending on the design and the size of the rotating device, it costs between 1000 and 2000 euros. Even with the cost of an employee significant economic advantages are obvious.

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