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Pneumatic cylinder with built-in hydraulic brake

(PresseBox) (Denkendorf, ) The new cylinder by Metal Work is a hydraulic system comprised of a pneumatic cylinder acting as an actuator and a hydraulic cylinder acting as a brake. The pneumatic cylinder sizes are to ISO 6431 - ISO 15552.

Adjustable chokes are mounted on the hydraulic circuit to regulate the piston rod out and in speed. It is also possible to mount one or more skip valves to control shifting from rapid to slow motion and vice versa, and stop valves to control the piston rod.

The main feature of this cylinder is that the driving force and the braking force are coaxial, and thus they do not generate any undesired bending moment on the cylinder piston rod and the external structures connected to it. Moreover, the exclusive design makes this product extremely compact and space saving compared to conventional hydraulic brakes mounted externally to the cylinder. It features a 63 mm bore, 50 to 500 mm stroke, 1750 N thrust force and 1150 N traction force, with adjustable speeds from 30 to 30,000 mm/minute. It can be orientated in either the horizontal or vertical direction.

19-01-07 Giorgio Guzzoni

Fig. (photo of the hydraulic brake) The pneumatic cylinder with built-in coaxial hydraulic brake.