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Memorysolution expands product portfolio of their own brand for affordable quality flash memory media dubbed MaxFlash™

In a refreshed design and under the motto “expect the max“, the European memory specialist brings retail-ready packaged high quality flash memory to the POS

(PresseBox) (Breisach am Rhein, ) Answering the significantly risen demand for reliable yet still affordable flash memory media of all formats, Memorysolution GmbH has broadened the portfolio of their own brand MaxFlash(TM) . Both media as well the packaging have been redesigned from scratch.The product line-up of this high-class brand already by now well accepted in the market has been strongly expanded. As of now the complete range of current media formats can be ordered from Memorysolution. As usual the focus was put on absolute reliability and compatibility of the products:exclusively memory chips and controllers originating from the production of field-proven, world-leading foundries are used. Memorysolution stresses that the use of so-called downgrade chips is not an option; despite the attractive price tag customers do not have to fear any cut-backs on the product quality. The MaxFlash(TM) family of products encloses the whole spectrum of current flash memory formats (incl. SDHC) plus Card Readers / Writers and USB drives. To give the redesigned product line an appropriate presentation forum, an on-line portal was created at

The flash memory components are delivered to the POS as user-friendly "convenience items". Dealers will receive the flash media in a well-designed attractive retail packaging. The materials used are environmentally friendly and meet all the criteria of "Grüner Punkt" and CE. To simplify logistics processes and cash-collect supported by scanner systems the packaging is provided with EAN number and barcode. Every flash memory card comes in a practical mini-case thus offering a practical added value, e.g. when stored in the photo bag of the customer.

The whole process of production, testing up to the packaging of the media is conducted directly at the manufacturing site and follows the strict quality guidelines of Memorysolution. Every memory card is then straightaway placed in a mini-case which then is sealed into its individual packaging "ready for the shelf". This protects the enclosed goods against unauthorized access and manipulation of the content. Another advantage of this new packaging is the convenient professional presentation at the POS: the sealed blister package sports a Euro-hanger, making it easy to place it in these popular goods shelves.

However, the advantages are not only with the dealer, also will customers benefit from the new form of presentation. Making it well identifiable for the consumer, the packaging sports a product specification and description of the content in five European languages (German, English, French, Italian, and Spanish). Combined with the window on the front of the packaging this makes identification of the right product much easier than ever before. A warranty policy leaflet for end-customers and a user-friendly installation guide in the same languages are enclosed in each package. Last but not least the brand recognition is well improved.

Not only does this new presentation form provide the customer with the security to acquire high-quality flash memory media with ten years of warranty. It also perfectly does the job to distinguish itself from the huge crowd of no-name products. Altogether, the new packaging fulfils customers ever-increasing demand for an attractive and professional presentation of the goods and a safe and convenient shopping experience in a perfect manner.

The MaxFlash(TM) family of products stands for 100-percent reliable flash memory media with a 10-year guarantee from state-of-the-art Taiwanese production plants. The customer can fully trust the longstanding expertise of Memorysolution and benefit from substantial cost savings, compared with price of memory cards of the major brands. The supply of top quality at a reasonable price tag has always been one of the philosophies of Memorysolution, so the company is especially proud to once more live up to their motto "enjoy the experience" and to finally be able to offer a complete product line also in the field of flash memory.MaxFlash(TM) Flash media are available as of now on and can be ordered in capacities from actually up to 16 GB (depending on the format, might always be adapted to the respective state of the technology).

Memorysolution GmbH

Memorysolution GmbH was founded in 1997 and is one of the leading independent European distributors of proprietary memory upgrades, standard DRAM modules, hard drives, mother boards, barebones, coolers, and flash based products (e.g. SSD/flash cards). When working with Memorysolution you will see firsthand why the company motto is “enjoy the experience”. Twelve years of experience , only the best brands with the highest quality, excellent cost-benefit ratio, extremely high availability, and 10 year warranty on all products (except HDD and mainboards) make Memorysolution a reliable and diversified distributor.

The goal of the company is to deliver high-quality parts at the right price just-in-time and to support customers with excellent and professional sales and technical service. Four national branch offices and a fully-owned US-based subsidiary are the ideal base for a globally operating company. Founder and President of Memorysolution is Gerald Diercks.

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