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Active Safety


(PresseBox) (Ergersheim, ) In recent years camera-monitor systems have been firmly established in the construction machinery industry as vision systems. Reversing cameras or camera combinations, which provide fields of view up to panorama view, support the machine operators with keeping track of their driveway or working area and thus also help to prevent accidents.
However, what applies to direct vision and mirror image is true for camera systems as well: they can only help to avoid accidents when considered at the right moment.

Therefore active warning systems assist the driver to early notice peril points in order to react quickly.

As a manufacturer of heavy-duty mirror and camera systems for the construction and mining industry, MEKRA Lang delivers products in the series of well-known machine manufacturers. As sales subsidiary of MEKRA Lang, with their high-end products for the commercial vehicle market, MEKRAtronics GmbH has established itself and is now introducing at BAUMA 2016 its cooperation with Preco Electronics, the longtime manufacturer of PreView - Radar System for personal and target analysis.

The PreView - Radar sensors are very robust and grant reliable detection of people and objects even under the most severe environmental conditions.

The sensors can be used, for example as back-up warning and can be customized by different detection distances to the machine size, - construction or -speed. Here also different radar sensors can be combined to multi-sensor-systems.

The warning is audible; the signal changes thereby its frequency depending on the distance to the object. In parallel the distance is displayed visually, too. Either as a “standalone” displayed on an LED display in the cabin or as an “overlay” shown on the MEKRA Monitor.

The advantages are obvious: the driver is warned audibly, reacts by braking and can assess the risk situation over a look in the mirror and monitor and adjusts his driving behavior to it. Important for a correct assessment of the situation is the quality of the products, which deliver an excellent image of the camera and a reliable warning (and no false alarms!) at any time.

Here two premium manufacturers with a long and successful experience on the market have come together and can jointly offer an active warning system of outstanding quality and reliability.

MEKRA Lang GmbH & Co. KG

MEKRA Lang GmbH & Co.KG is the leading manufacturer of mirror systems for commercial vehicles as well as specialized camera monitor systems for automotive applications worldwide.

As an innovative and recognized expert for indirect vision, we work together with all major commercial vehicle manufacturers to ensure more safety on the roads.

Today the Lang Group is represented globally at 19 locations in 14 countries with a total workforce of about 2500 employees.