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ICD-10, don’t get lost in translation!

International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems

(PresseBox) (Cologne, ) How simple life could be if everyone spoke the same language. Since the tower of Babel humanity attempted to, once again, communicate in one tongue and overcome the general difficulties associated with language barriers – with little success. The most recent attempt in this direction is the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) attempt to introduced a common International Classification of Diseases, the ICD-10 code. This classification system allows the definition and communication of any given diagnose independent of language.

Being the first internet image database to understand the power of this revolutionary tool, we developed the medicalpicture® ICD-10 search system, allowing our customers to search our databank using these diagnose keys instead of search words, resulting in a vastly superior specificity in your search.

Search and enjoy

“This innovation simplifies navigating the medicalpicture® database tremendously,“

explains CEO Thomas Schmidt, referring to this latest addition to the medicalpicture search engine.

“We are certain that this innovation was worth the effort. Customers from around the world will finally be able to find exactly what they are looking for without the hassle of consulting a medical dictionary.”

Though using ICD-10 classification is a bit of a science itself, once familiar with the classification and the proper way to apply it to our search engine, navigating our database to the appropriate set of images becomes easier then ever. The greatest contribution to limitless communication in the scientific and medical field is however, still made by our images since as we know , ”A picture says more then a thousand words.”

Image search using the ICD-10 code
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medicalpicture Gmbh was founded in 2002 in Cologne, Germany. medicalpicture operates the fastest growing, web-based image database with more than 100,000 images from the worlds of health, medicine, pharmacy and science - in addition to photos, high-quality, thematically detailed medical illustrations and microphotographs. The vast majority of image authors nationally and internationally are represented on an exclusive basis. In addition to syndicated image media, medicalpicture offers solutions and services for image databases, image management and image management for the industry.